AoS28 – the Black Sun Compact

For in the beginning they were two, light and dark embracing each other. Two fathers without children. And the lands were without change, an aeon of silence. - 10th stanza of the Scroll of Deep Water On the first day Nahash formed the mud into shapes. But when his darkness faded before the dawn the... Continue Reading →

Tor Megiddo – the Final

The War around the Promethean Tower intesifies as the beasts of the land joins into the fray. Predators and prey, all must fall and death will be the final conqueror, the enemy that shall never be defeated.       And so we are undone. We planned, we prepared, we entered the killing field. We... Continue Reading →

Tor Megiddo – the First

It is hard to even start to describe in any coherent form the plain craziness that was the Tor Megiddo game. It was an relentless rollercoster and a classic battle report would be next to impossible for me, this will instead be a flood of images. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.... Continue Reading →

Codex Tor Megiddo

Here is the Codex Tor Megiddo we used for the Tor Megiddo game, just in case someone might read this that is not on Facebook. Actually I have already seen a copy on Scribd so it seems it gets around. The codex was meant as a quick reference sheet for some rules and guidelines. I did... Continue Reading →

Warband creation for Tor Megiddo

Over on Facebook, in the Inquisitorium group, there has been a lot of questions as to the rules for Tor Megiddo and how we created our warbands. While rules come last, literally since most of us wrote down our lists in the minutes before we started. Honourable mention goes out to Ana over at the... Continue Reading →

The 66 Fangs 

My warband is ready and rearing to go. It took a while to get everything done, but now it's on. More pictures and stories will follow soon. -Alexander Winberg-

Thirteen, daughter of Misery

Bad luck wind been blowin' at my backI was born to bring trouble to wherever I'm atGot the number thirteen tattooed on my neckWhen the ink starts to itch Then the black will turn to red I was born in the Tor of miseryNever had me a nameThey just gave me the number When I was young... Continue Reading →

Zogg, flesh baron

Zogg the guide, the betrayer, the lord of flesh and master of butchers. He is a shell within a shell. Personalities and identities atop each other. To hide the truth, his monstrous self. With the cunning of an abalone his tricked his way into the inner circles of Death Valley. Lies, seduction, bribery, murder. The... Continue Reading →

Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin raced across the red sand, the blazing heat did not bother her for she was troubled by far greater concerns. For a decade she had ruled Death Valley as Warleader, subservient only to the mindless Silent Emperor. Their lord was a figurehead, perhaps a godhead, but he did not truly live. Trapped on... Continue Reading →

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