Cursed City – Octren Glimscry and Cleona Zeitengale

The final two heroes are the magic users in the group, as such they don’t see the table as much as the others as they are slightly more tricky to use. Both of the originals are fine miniatures, if a bit cluttered, and I have seen them put to good use by many hobbyists.

I wanted my take on them to be more scaled down, in size as well as gimmick. Fortunately Citadel made more than enough wizards and clerics for me to choose from, just take a look at all these wizards and clerics. More than enough indeed. A fun game, well I guess I think it’s fun at least, is to see how many wizards or clerics that started out as different miniatures and then got remade. There is a lot of them.

Octren Glimscry is a bit of a dodgy character, motivated by a personal vendetta rather than trying to help the Empire by slaying Vlad von Carstein. And that’s fine as long as he gets the deed done, a dead vampire is a dead vampire after all. Since magic is outlawed he dress in the traditional colours of the Sigmarite Church. After all, only a fool would dress like some carnival trickster as that would be like leaving a poster for the Witch Hunters.

The miniature for Octren was originally Spectacus Lorewise, later turned into the depressing Wizard Scroll 074141/43. There is something hilarious about those old names, just imagine calling the Troll Service and asking for a copy of Spectacus Lorewise. The naming convention in Age of Sigmar gets a lot of mockery, but it’s not like Warhammer 3rd edition was all that serious either.

I like that he is just standing there pointing, with a huge scroll. Takes a real crazy person to go up against the undead beasts with only a roll of papper. Made it’s a contract of some sort, who knows.

Cleona Zeitengale is some sort of prophet or priest and in-game her greatest strength is her ability to heal other heroes, and call down massive energy strikes on her enemies. She is definitely a support character, in the old D&D tradition of useless clerics, which is a bit of a shame as I would have loved to see a wild eyed female Warrior Priest. My original plan was to use the old Sisters of Battle Dialogues, yes that ugly miniature with the strangely screaming mouth, and I painted her and everything quite early. But as the project started to find it’s feet it turned out she just wasn’t the right miniature so she went back into the box.

Enter Saint Ogg, a tiny little priestess with a somewhat worried and bookish appearance. Perfect! She is a lot less flashy, but she has a mace to bash skeletons with and I imagine she has her stilettos hidden away in her robes. To tie her to the Sigmarite theme I gave her a red robe, she is more a gentle priest type, unlike those crazy Sisters of Faith and Chastity. Now don’t take me the wrong way, I love the art for the Sisters, but they don’t seem like the type to sneak into Drachenhoff to hunt vampires, they would just bang on the front gate until Vlad came out to fight them.

The pair goes quite well together and I do like how it looks like Cleona is gently reprimanding Octren for some minor blasphemy.

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