Cursed City – Vargskyr

The Vargskyr is the first villain our intrepid heroes have to hunt down an slay. A horrible watchdog that keeps out all those who would seek to hunt the true vampires.

Technically the Vargskyr isn’t a true vampire, it’s a devolved monster that was unable to turn into a true vampire. Fittingly enough as it’s not a new concept, but a rehash of the Varghulf, and possibly also of the Vargheists. The designers sure love their names. It is still a pretty impressive sculpt and in game it can be truly horrific as it stalks the heroes.

I really, really wanted to use the classic Giant Werewolf from the Night Horrors range. But alas, so far the beast has eluded my attempts to track one down. It’s a real bummer since the Giant Werewolf would be a perfect fit, both in look, age and size. However, there are always other options to fill the gap and for now I am instead using a conversion based upon the Caller’s Rat God.

So let’s get slightly distracted for a moment and talk about the Caller. Originating in the heady days of Warhammer Monthly, a wacky comic anthology Games Workshop used to publish, the Caller was the main antagonist in the Redeemer comic. The story took place upon Necromunda and was written by Pat Mills, and it is very, very Pat Mills. Some years later the Caller (and the Redeemer) got a miniature, on foot and riding his trusted Rat God. Like a lot of releases from Specialist Miniatures the Caller was somewhat on the poorer scale, but it has some charm. As I had bought one a few years back I decided to use it as a stand in until I can get a proper Giant Werewolf.

The monster is a bit larger than called for, but on the whole I think it works fine. When we play we aren’t sticklers for size and exact measuring, and since the Vargskyr towers over the heroes it really adds to just how horrific she is. And in a game with a gothic horror theme mood should be the only ruler.

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