Cursed City – Mysterious Objectives

The news that Games Workshop is bringing back Warhammer Quest: Cursed City was a welcome surprise to me, and the mention of expansions even more so. To be honest Cursed City is not a great game, it is slow and at times clumsy, lacking in replay value and without a good campaign system. But it’s main draw for me is that it’s easy enough to play with my children who don’t understand English and the theme of undeath is fun as hell. Aside from switching the miniatures the main change I did was to set the game in Sylvania just before the Vampire Wars instead of the Age of Sigmar. It felt like a richer place to explore and I am much more familiar with that time than the Age of Sigmar.

So let’s take a look at the miniatures and the replacements I picked. For those who didn’t know I have replaced all the plastic miniatures with old metal alternatives. First up I want to show the various counters from the game.

The game comes with these fun objectives, the hanged skeletons and crows are used as objective markers while the cats and gargoyles can be encountered in the game. The tombstones are used by the zombies to spawn more zombies. They are actually really nice miniatures and some I wouldn’t mind picking up to use in small skirmish games.

I knew that the cats would be a slight problem because while Citadel made a lot of creepy crawlies and vermin back in the 80’s and 90’s they didn’t really make any domestic animals. I guess the market for that was well covered by historical miniatures so they didn’t see much point in making dogs, cats and cows. Warhammer is after all not known for it’s domestic side. I though about using the Gyrinx and Death Ferret, but the prices on those put rest to such plans. Fortunately I remembered that Neferata came with a cat, named Bastet because why not. Now the Vampire Counts army book was released in 1999 and I am pretty sure that Neferata wasn’t released until summer of 2000, so that’s definitely not what I normally would call oldhammer. But on the other hand Bastet is such a nice devil kitten that I couldn’t pass on the chance to use it in the game. Thanks to a lucky buy and an incredibly kind fellow oldhammer enthusiast I was able to secure two copies of the little beast. I didn’t want to convert the cat too much so I just twisted the tail a bit and gave them opposing colour schemes. In game I see them as spies from Neferata, slipping in to Castle Drakenhof to spy on Vlad von Carstein.

The gargoyles, just like with the cats I actually don’t know what their function in the game is as we haven’t encountered them yet. But I could see them being the kind of strange statues that the vampire lords would use to decorate their castles with. They are both from the Night Horrors line, the little guy is an Imp and reminds me a bit of Manneken Pis and his pal is a Demon, made before Realm of Chaos so I assume that demons back then were just random monsters rather than warp spawns of the Chaos Gods.

The Night Horrors is an amazing line and after the Middle-Earth miniatures they are my favourite collection of Citadel miniatures. I hope to one day own most of them and I have managed to sneak in quite a few of them. Like most of the 80’s miniatures they stuck around well into the 90’s and would have made for excellent additions to any undead army, all the kind of scary creatures that have no place in the streamlined approach given to Warhammer armies from the 5th edition forward.

Tombstones! Gothic and scary and littered with wyrdstone, because of course vampires would leave the stuff laying around. Over the years Citadel produced a number of tombs, gravestones and cairns but I just wanted something simple enough and small enough, they are just used in-game to spawn more zombies, so no need to go overboard here.

The crows are a cool pair of objective markers and a great chance to once again use a miniature from the Night Horrors, this time it’s Undead Returning, a fun mini-diorama that gives me a strong Evil Dead: Army of Darkness feel. It’s actually a really well made miniature and the crow is super cool. I considered giving it a key to hold but in the end I decided against that as it would have made the miniature a bit too cluttered. The other crow is a modern plastic (the shame, the shame), but to compensate the wooden bucket came with Warhammer Siege Defenders, released during the 5th edition. There is actually a better crow that I would like to use, the Carrion Perch, I am certain they reused the bird from Undead Returning, a common trick that Citadel still uses. Someday that bird will be mine, but until then this will do just fine.

This grim piece is definitely the oldest miniature in the set, and one of the earliest Citadel series, the Fantasy Specials. This is FS22 Victim Hanging from Gibbet, a historical curiosity that I would assume almost no one has seen or heard of, I was actually really lucky to stumble upon it as it fits perfectly with my vision for the game. The miniature was sculpted by Humphrey Leadbitter, judging by the name I would guess he lives somewhere in the Shire. An amazing eBay seller was kind enough to sell it to me for a song and now I just need to find the companion piece, FS22 Victim In Iron Cage. So far I haven’t been able to find it on eBay or a trade group, but maybe someday I will get lucky.

So that’s it for the objectives, I hope you enjoyed the slightly rambling post and maybe discovered some new, old miniatures. In the next post I will take a look at the zombies.

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