Cursed City – Oldhammer Remix

Okay, so I should probably have known better than to start a side project. But what can I say, when the teaser is effective enough it’s hard to resist.

So as most of you will known GW is making a new Warhammer Quest game called Cursed City. They had been teasing it for a couple of weeks before suddenly dropping a hefty bomb of images on us. From the start I knew that I had to get in on this, it was just too good. Blackstone Fortress never really did it for me, I just don’t think people do quests in 40k, at leat not dungeon crawling unless you are crawling because the dungeon you are in belongs to Urien Rakarth and he has cut of your legs. But I digress, a game with overtly Gothic tones just seemed like the right thing for me.

In a flash of madness I decided I would demake the game using only old metal miniatures, preferably from the 90’s but of course all rules are made to be broken.

Instead of studying for ten hours today I half assed an assignment and painted Brutogg the Corpse Eater and the Vargskyr. Brutogg is an old ogre leader from Golgfag’s Second Regiment, a really fun bunch that doesn’t cost a foot and finger like the infamous C ogres. The Vargskyr on the other is the Rat God from Necromunda, a specialist games’ release from the twilight period.

There is a bunch of converted, but unpainted miniatures on our Instagram account if anyone is interested, I will try to only post painted miniatures here.

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