Witch Hammer – Black Metal

The first regiment is finally ready to march. While only ten man strong it is definitely a start and I am rather proud of them. The champion, von Tegerhof, is an old Perry captain that lost an arm and a leg in some inglorious brawl. I am not sure which one of the twins that sculpted him or quite when, but I would guess he is from around 92-93 or so. The rest of the regiment is all made up from the same good, ugly, old plastic halberdier. I am not sure who sculpted him or when, maybe some reader with a bit more trivia knowledge than me can fill in the details. But even if he is short and rather ugly I have developed a bit of a love for him, feather and all. With a little bit of cutting it is quite easy to give him a second chance at life and I am finding the challenge of using just one miniature as base to be quite refreshing. At times the arms race over in the INQ28 scene can become a bit too much and sort of lose focus. So I have really enjoyed taking a step back and just painting miniatures for fun instead of trying to create something spectacular. And the nostalgia factor should of course not be overlooked either.

empire, ostermark, warhammer, oldhammer, halberdier

The regiment is painted red despite being from Ostermark, but I don’t really care that much about made up colour schemes. Maybe they just couldn’t afford purple clothes or maybe they are born with it. Who knows? The red is just Flesh Tearer contrast paint with a bit of highlighting, I made some small variations between them, some have more washes or use the lighter Blood Angel red, it’s just to give some variety as I doubt they mass produced uniforms in some factory in Ostermark. The armour is one of the most commented upon aspects of them, it is a black base coat followed with a gold drybrush and a wash of Agrax Earthshade, absolutely nothing fancy there.

empire, ostermark, warhammer, oldhammer, halberdier

While the miniature provides a good base I still wanted to individualize each one, if only by swapping their heads around. After a good dig around in the bits boxes I found some fun heads to use, most of them are old Empire parts but I intend to diversify a bit in the future. The small tilt shields on some of them are of course a clear nod to John Blanche, you can’t have Warhammer without tipping your hat to him. Other than that I tried to keep them free from clutter, while still being fun to paint and hopefully I have succeeded. Next up is an other ten halberdiers to boost the regiment to 20 and then I will see if I can manage to make a similar block of spearmen and swordsmen. We will have to see how it goes.

empire, ostermark, warhammer, oldhammer, halberdier

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