Witch Hammer – For Ostermark!

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know

The oldhammer shenanigans continue! I took a break from painting peasant militia rabble and converted a couple of halberdiers to add a little bit of discipline to the army.

When I first saw the old monopose Empire Halberdiers I was less than impressed, they just looked cheap and uninspired. A unit made of only them seemed tedious and very much against the spirit of an army of unique soldiers. But little did I know how good they would turn out to be. A simple head swap did wonders for them and with some good shields from the box and a changed weapon they were ready to be painted.

Men of Mayhem

The blonde soldier was the first one, turns out he looks a little like my co-blogger Lunde. He was joined by a soldier with a clear case of Warhammer lunacy.

Men of Honour

Next up was a couple of veterans, if you have a peg leg you are clearly a veteran. The captain is an Empire champion, I think. He was missing some parts so I gave him a pistol and a peg leg. The veteran got a sword with a bone grip, maybe it’s his tibia.

The armour is just black, a dark gold drybrushed on and finally a splash of earthshade wash. Quick and easy. The uniforms are contrast reds, a light highlight and a bit of wash. I used different shades of red to give them some variety and to hint that it’s not so easy to mass produce uniforms in Ostermark. I know Ostermarkers are supposed to wear purple and cream, but good god that felt dreary to paint. Ostermark is also described as a league of semi independent counties and towns so I don’t see any problem with some places wearing different colours.

The proud men of Ostermark

The goal is to expand the unit into a twenty men strong regiment, which seems fairly easy to reach. I am a bit unsure how I will tackle the bannerman and musician, but I am sure something will come along and inspire me.

We march in line

8 thoughts on “Witch Hammer – For Ostermark!

  1. For the musician; I think the horns from either the old High Elf Spearmen (the straight one that looks quintessentially medieval) or the curved one from the Bretonnian Men-at-Arms command set (which looks like a German harvest cornucopia) would look absolutely brill! :3

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    1. That could be a cool option 👍 I will have to look in the box, it’s possible I have the Bretonnian horn somewhere.


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