The Primogenitor – Dark Deeds

2020 hasn’t been great for playing tabletop games. What promised to be a great campaign season turned into self imposed isolationism.

But I have been far from idle, lots of small projects has kept me busy and while my loved ones and I remain healthy I don’t have anything to complain about.

The Primogenitor campaign unfortunately had to be paused, but I managed to play a couple of games of Kill Team with Iron Sleet back in January. It was a lot of fun, even if we struggled to learn the rules on the go. My list wasn’t the best, but the Rot still slaughtered the Imperial Guard kill team Lassi had made.

As is usual the games was a mix of banter, playing and spontaneous photo sessions. Good pictures are hard to take and at times it became a little bit silly as one of us held up a black cloth as backdrop while two moved around the lights and the forth directed them and took pictures. We are getting close to forty and have families, but this is how we spend a weekend, in a 200 year old wine cellar in a luxury hotel in downtown Helsinki. So yeah, maybe we are not the coolest kids, maybe we are all just nerds.

In July Toni of Iron Sleet and I met up for a game of 40k in my garden. The Corona virus has thankfully been under control in Finland so we felt that we could take the risk as long as we kept our distance and played outdoors. Keeping our distance comes naturally for us, we are after all Finns.

The game was at 750pts since we didn’t have more than that painted. Toni brought his beautiful Sisters of Battle army and I had my trusted XIVth. The 9th edition had just dropped and we decided we were smart enough to use the new rules. I am sure you can see where this is going…

The game was a lot of fun, but some mistakes in my list ensured Toni’s dominance over the first turns. I had forgotten to bring any weapons with a longer range than 24″ so he could comfortably lean back and shoot my Plague Marines to bits. Fortunately the Plague Marines are as tough as old leather, especially when in cover, and Toni struggled to bring them down. The XIVth being slow meant I struggled to get close to them. The sisters won a narrow victory, but men of the match were the 4 Deathshroud Terminators. Those guys are bad news for the opponent. The cut through Seraphims, Arco-flaggelants, Rhino’s, Penitent Engines and a Canoness without losing a single wound.

After these lessons I have fine tuned my army a bit. Heavy support has been added in the form of a dreadnought and I will also add two Plagueburst Crawlers. I am not a fan of their look, so I will instead build them as a sort of howitzer and catapult. More blight launchers are also needed for the squads, the 24″ assault 2 profile suits the Death Guard and they pack enough of a punch to kill most infantry they shoot at.

Turns out the Death Guard fits my playing stile and I must say it has been tremendous fun to build a fully converted army. It wasn’t the plan, but that hardly matters.

11 thoughts on “The Primogenitor – Dark Deeds

    1. Those are definitely an inspiration, but without the silly faces. The small huts would be cool to add, but it would probably mean the catapult would have to be way too big.


      1. Maybe use the Skaven Plague Catapult as a base then but with the addition of the Basilisk howitzer instead on the catapult arm? I think those two together would work splendidly! :3

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I was actually thinking of using those kits in some form.


  1. The terrain is beautiful. Is the white a bone-white color with lots of weathering? Do you have more pictures of the tall grey industrial terrain?


  2. I too picked an army with no guns that could shoot over 24 inches today, but I lost, will there be more Nurgle content. I hope you and your family are still well.

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