Witch Hammer – Difficult customers

At some point I bought a couple more of the Perry ogres, but only the bodies. I think I wanted to make a Mordheim warband. This proved to be a bit of challenge until I realized that Savage Orc arms are the right size for the ogres. It also removed the problem with the long gorilla arms.

While young pups prefer to remain in the taverns of Ostermark during the winter, older bulls usually travel to Estalia. While they claim to be there for the employment opportunities it is widely known that they mostly just drink, eat and misbehave. When campaign season starts again in the war torn Empire it is common to see sun burned ogres return to their mercenary bands, telling tall tales of the cheap wine and tasty Estalians.

Nog-Nogg considers himself the tyrant of the gang, he is definitely the oldest of them. But the others are not keen on taking orders from an old, mean and orange skinned buffoon. A power struggle is bound to happen soon, the humans better get out of the way when it starts.


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