Witch Hammer – If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t count

Give me a thrashing!

My endeavor in to the strange world of Warhammer Fantasy continues, no time like the present to dwell into that backwater of shit and horror.

Flagellants are such a fun concept that I felt compelled to include them, even if I was a bit hesitant about using the Marauder nutters. Their feet are just so big and, well, clown like. But it didn’t take much to convince me to use them. And they have been a whole lot of fun to paint. I also threw in a couple of Mordheim zealots and a flagellant to diversify the unit a bit.

As a small extra I decided to include an old bear in the unit. It was painted for M19 and has since languished unloved in a box. But now he will be allowed to roar and maul my enemies.

I am very close to actually finishing the unit, it will be my first ever Warhammer Fantasy Battle regiment and I am quite happy about that.

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