Mordheim 2019 – Michael Anderson

For the M19 event John Blanche thought it would be a fun idea to have an event exclusive miniature done for the participants. For such a special miniature he approached Michael Anderson, famous sculptor and Golden Demon winner, Alan Moore look-alike and all around great guy. The miniature was named Mad Meg and we are happy to let Mike tell you a little bit about her.

Kristian Simonsen

How did you become involved?

My involvement began when John first contacted me about sculpting a miniature for the event. This was a real honour and I was very excited about the project from the start.
I had been converting up a reikland mercenary warband for a couple of years prior to this so when I found out about the event I was very eager to participate. Sadly, lack of funds and time got in the way of me attending in the end, but it reignited my passion for Mordheim, and spurred me onto finishing the warband!

Did you choose to sculpt a miniature of that particular painting or was it’s John’s choice?

It was Johns choice of character, but I was already very familiar with the painting and felt she fitted perfectly within the madness that is city of the damned.

Are you a fan of Bruegel and that era of art?

Absolutely! Being passionate about all things late medieval and early renaissance, Bruegel is a so one of my favourite artists of this period, along with Bosch and the other usual suspects. However it’s Bruegel’s ability to capture the raucousness of everyday life and inject so much character into his subjects that is the biggest appeal. When we had seen centuries of little but takes on religious themes or portraits of nobility, it’s a refreshing and dramatic change to see scenes of drunken revelry amongst “those who work”.

How did you sculpt her?

I’m still old school with my sculpting, so it was wire, a cork and some putty. The painting was so characterful, very few changes were required to make it fit, simply changing a few of the items she was carrying and adding some fish brought her into the theme of Mordheim.

Kari Hernesniemi

There has been a bunch of painted versions of her, any favourite?

That’s a tough one, I haven’t seen them all together so if you happen to have a picture of them together I will try and choose a favourite!

Did you paint your own copy yet?

I haven’t seen John to get my copy yet! But I will be painting her as soon as I get it!

Alexander Winberg

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