Outgard II – Rivers of blood, years of darkness

After the rivers of blood at Nevski, Wenno the Sword Saint cast aside his blade. For he could no longer stand its vile thirst and the bloodletting it craved. Leaving his School behind, he wrapped himself in the regalia of the Pale Monarch, seeking obliteration in its quiet embrace.

A few dedicated retainers followed him into exile, for what disciple can renounce their teacher? Loyal Untamo carried Wenno’s abandoned sword and shield while the fair lady, Kyllikki, would sing for her father. Perhaps she hoped the harrowing tones would sooth his tortured soul.

I am not quite sure what inspired me to make a stilt walking Christ. I bought the Corvus Cabal miniatures with the vague intent to use them for Outgard. But their style felt hard to work with, they are much more detailed and finely sculpted than most older GW miniatures so I was at a bit of a loss. But sometimes things can still be salvaged and after doing a lot of research on Christianity I ended up with Vemmo the Sword Saint and his loyal retainer Untamo.

I usually spend a lot of time thinking out themes for the miniatures, it is something that I don’t expect most of my friends to notice. But it is nice to have it there, if only for my own pleasure. For example the names of the two characters come from to different sources. Venno was a master of the Livonian Brothers of the Sword, a little known monastic knightly order that was merged with the more famous Teutonic Order. Untamo on the other hand is a character from Kalevala, he enslaved Kullervo and was ultimately responsible for the misery of Kullervo and the dark deeds it lead to.

Small things, but fun and important to me.

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