Witch Hammer – The old hammer is the new hammer

I have been quite inspired by the works of both Tammy and Kari and the old miniatures they have been painting. So with the Corona virus forcing me to stay home I thought it would be as good a time as any to dig up some of the old miniatures in my collection.

I decided to focus on making a small company of soldiers from the Empire. As a little twist the army will be set during the Time of the Three Emperors. Most famous for being the time of Mordheim. This will allow me to not only play Warhammer Fantasy Battles, something that I have never done, but also smaller skirmish games like Empire in Flames.

First up I have a few flagellants. I was not quite sure about the comical hands and feet of the Marauder flagellants, but they have such wonderful character and expressions that I didn’t mind. A couple of miniatures from the Mordheim Witch Hunters were also included in the group. All in all it will be a small troop of about ten flagellants and mad men.

Next up is an old wandering ogre, stunted in growth and mocked by his fellows. This is a warrior from Golgfag’s Second Regiment of Renown, the only member that I own. But I also have a couple from Golgfag’s third incarnation that will be included.

And finally, I had to include a company captain. This tired old dandy is a Mordheim Witch Hunter, repurposed as a great sword. If I can track down enough interesting miniatures with great swords I might make a company of them. But for now he leads the rabble.

19 thoughts on “Witch Hammer – The old hammer is the new hammer

    1. Thanks! For the checker patterns it’s all about a steady hand and good support for the model. You can of course use a pen, but I still stick with painting them. Depending on how large you want them it’s just a little bit of back and forth with the colours. The most important part is to take your time and use very little paint.

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      1. I haven’t even tried free hand yet, it all look horrible. But patterns, especially straight lines is just a matter of concentration. Try not to breath and draw a thin line to start with. It is always easier to then go back over with white to fix any mistakes.

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  1. The dandy greatsword with his smeared and flaking makeup is really cool. Got a touch of the Heath Ledger Joker about him.

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    1. There has been a few mentions of his similarity to the Joker. That wasn’t something I planed or even see, but cool if people like it.


    1. Thank you! The old metals are really fun to paint and I must say that for painting I prefer them to plastic.

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      1. Really? I must admit it’s been a very long time since I painted a metal model. I have quite a few knocking around, maybe it’s time to dust them off and have a trip down memory lane.


      2. I guess it’s the more pronounced features that makes them more fun to paint. Some of the modern plastic can be so god awfully over detailed and fiddly.

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      3. Couldn’t agree more, but then again the technology has come so far and it makes it possible. I’m eyeing up one of my Old Hammer Slaanesh champions. Remember the one with the snake tail, sword and pointing? Classic!

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      4. Those oldies are amazing, really fun to paint as well. Modern plastic is great for conversions, but sometimes they become a bit too enamored with their own cleverness.

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