Outgard II – the little dark age

We are looking at an other game of Outgard. The lost world set adrift in a raging warp storm, stuck in a medieval dark age.

My own warband of lost souls is well and truly started.

Sack-O-Bones, V and the stalwart tin drummer.

I loved painting those old metal/resin miniatures. There will definitely be more old classics in this gang.

-Alexander Winberg-

6 thoughts on “Outgard II – the little dark age

    1. That’s so nice to hear. V is a wonderful little miniature. This one is an old metal, but I also have her in resin so I might try to convert it a little. V might never find the other dolls, but it would be fun to see what became of them. I already discovered that I was stolen by a murkman.

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