The Primogenitor – Let there be blood among the stars

I seem to have entered a very productive phase, which is also necessary since the first battles inside the Primogenitor is almost upon us. Barely two months to go until some of the friends gathers in Helsinki.

I found my muse among the diseased warriors of the XIVth Legion, Death Guard. The painting has been very productive once I settled upon a scheme. The paint scheme is easy and consists of various browns added in layers. I hope to make a tutorial soon since some have asked me how I achieve the look.

-Alexander Winberg-

16 thoughts on “The Primogenitor – Let there be blood among the stars

  1. Love the way you have turned sci-fi into fantasy. My first reaction was these would work great in an AOS or Warcry game (or really anything melee-centred).

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    1. Thanks! The lines are rather blurred between the settings and I could definitely see some us for them in a Realm Chaos style game of Warcry


  2. just came across these, stunning – just getting back into 40k given the shutdown of the human race, most of my long stored away figures are 35/40 year old GW lead/metal – I’m really enjoying discovering this Grim Dark style and narrative…

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