Mordheim 2019 – Helge Wilhelm Dahl

Helge has taken part in some of our earlier games, both Outgard and Tor Megiddo. Unfortunately he could not make it to neither Rhossum Secundus nor Mordheim 2019, but he sent miniatures to both games. Helge keeps the blog Wilhelminiatures, but at the moment he is more active on Instagram.

Sadly, I couldn’t participate in the Mordheim 2019 event, as I was away. I did, however, make a few miniatures and terrain pieces for the game. The warband I was working on consisted of mutants made from the new(ish) goblin characters from GW. These were great to work with, and a perfect base for misshaped humanoid miniatures. I also made some gibbets and crucifixes to set the mood. Hopefully these made everything a bit creepier, in the background of the games. Lastly I painted a Mad Meg. This miniature was a joy to paint, as it was full of character and captured the essence of the manneristic Bruegel painting.

After the event, I finished a few miniatures intended for the Mordheim event. These were done after I got the new Contrast paints form GW, and used them to experiment with the new style of painting. I painted five more gibbets and crucifixes using contrast paints, and I think they match the old ones pretty good. Can you spot the difference? I also painted up two of the large Mutants or Spawn, made for my Mutant warband. These were made using several strange bits, like the hand of Magnus the Red and a real snail shell. They were also painted using mostly contrast paints.

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