The Primogenitor – battles without honour or humanity

And then darkness, decay and the Rotting God will hold illimitable dominion over all

-the tomahawk man

Art by Clint Langley

Over on Iron Sleet our brothers have layed down the foundation for what promises to be an odyssey into atavistic darkness. Echoes of Imperium are honoured and thrilled to have been invited to participate in this task. We aim to not only create warbands, but also our own piece of the Primogenitor.

The Primogenitor is a space hulk, a true beast of the abyss, that has entered Imperial territory. In response to this catastrophe space marines, sisters of battle, guardsmen and other imperial agents attempt to invade and destroy the monstrous hulk. But it will be a harrowing journey into the heart of darkness and war on unimaginable scale.

My own warband, and future army, is the Rot, outcast counter-metaphorical heretics of the Death Guard Legion. They have chosen to follow their own path to the True Garden. But even in their heresy they still follow the command of the Primarch Mortarion and they are willingly marching into war for Him.

In the future I will look deeper into their philosophy and why they are so distrusted by their legion brothers. This is going to be a long and strange project with battles to be fought both large and small. I hope you will follow us into decay.

-Alexander Winberg-

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