Mordheim 2019 – Alexander Lunde

When I was invited to Mordheim 2019 I was very excited and I knew at once that I wanted to build a witch hunter warband. I was happy to see that many others decided to play possessed, undead and sisters of sigmar. Perfect enemies for my hunters!

I built the warband like I usually do things, that is to say not very planned. I wanted a hard looking leader. A true veteran of more than twenty years in the cursed city. Fighting with him for all these years is a scarred and tough-as-old-boots warrior priest. The rest of the warband was built on a whim. A large jolly fellow with a barrel of Ale, a small evil looking halfling etc. As long as they have faith is Sigmar and a wish to burn all heretics and mutants they are welcome.

My favourites are the war hounds that I used hobbit range dogs. Very small and cute that could perhaps fool the opponents into believing that are not a threat.. (ironically they weren´t as they failed miserably).

To make the warband whole I painted them in similar colors, with red and black being most prominent.

And a last thing, and no less important I built a small portable playing table. It was Tuonela that I also wrote special rules for and it was used as a mini table on the day where people could challenge each other on a duel. As a matter of fact I always do something like this for my projects during these big events. For example I built a floating island for Outgard, a walking promethium tower for Tor Megiddo, a floating cathedral house for Rhossum secundus etc. I like doing it to help me focus on the main project and to make the setting more alive.



















-Alexander Lunde-

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