Mordheim 2019 – Memories of the Northern Darkness

The Mordheim 2019 event weekend happened a month ago and I finally feel ready to put some thoughts to paper, or at least to keyboard. It was quite simply a huge affair and tremendous fun. We had planned, prepped, stressed, built and painted for over a year and the final result really showed the dedication and love for the game from all the participants.

With around 300 miniatures and 10 tables and artwork and player aids it was just too much to take in at once. I could easily have spent a couple of days just going over all the miniatures and I am sure I didn’t have enough time to properly enjoy it all. But such is life and fortunately I have a large collection of pictures to study at leisure.

Unlike previous events there was not one single story that followed the game. Rather it was a myriad of smaller, more personal stories that played out across the tables. For example Ana’s Cult was obsessed with finding the fabled Moon Child, Filip’s Cult on the other hand needed to find enough wyrdstone for their magister to devour. Tammy’s time travelers also searched for the fabled rocks, lost in a strange time and place. So many stories played out over the event that it would be impossible for me to chronicle them all, if I even knew them all!

Fortunately the other blogs that took part have already put up their own reports so you can read about their adventures.

Tears of Envy

The Convertorum

Gardens of Hecate

Secrets of the Void

Between the Bolter and Me

Iron Sleet


For rules we used the trusted old rulebook. This was a celebration of Mordheim’s twentieth anniversary so we wanted to stick to the original product, even if we obviously preferred to expand upon the scope and benefit from the truly stunning quality of modern GW plastic kits. The warband choices were limited to the originals, and we had a wide variety of interpretations of the tropes. Special mention to John Blanche and Mikko Luoma who both cheated and created very unique takes on the dwarf and ghost archetypes. Having Jimmy Henriksson and Tuomas Pirinen with their encyclopedic knowledge of Mordheim to help us was of course a unique blessing that ensued the games run smoothly.

In the end I am more than satisfied and proud of the whole affair. It was a pleasure to enjoy the company of my dear friends and it was incredibly nice meeting some new faces. I am still a bit exhausted from organizing it all, but I can’t wait to dive into our next project. 2020 will bring some epic tales and legends as well.

Big thank you to each and everyone!

Here are a few hundred photos from the games for you to enjoy.


-Alexander Winberg-

7 thoughts on “Mordheim 2019 – Memories of the Northern Darkness

  1. Simply EPIC Alexander – and team Mordheim XX!

    Such a gorgeous overload of stunningly atmospheric miniatures and terrain. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Truly the most inspiring miniature event I’ve ever happened upon by simply googling ‘Mordheim 2019’ on a whim.
    It has already made me up my painting game. Thank you all for sharing your incredible work and passion.

    Liked by 1 person

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