Mordheim 2019 – Lassi Salminen

Fellow Finn Lassi was a bit late to the Gothic nightmare of Mordheim 2019, but in short time he completed one of the most original and thematic warbands. It feels only appropriate that he has recently joined the ranks of Iron Sleet and I can’t wait for our next collaboration.

This warband is an actual ragtag group made from models I first intended to be a mercenary unit and NPCs for the games to be played at Mordheim 2019. When I was invited to join the event, I wanted to make use of them and thus, The Hannibal’s Host was born.

“I never feel guilty eating anything.”
-Hannibal Lecter, M2


The retinue is attached to a former Empire knight, nicknamed Hannibal the Cannibal, who has spent the last 20 years roaming the streets of The Damned City. First arrived with the usual things like gold and loot in mind, his ambitions have turned towards staying alive, and, in a city as destroyed and derelict as Mordheim there is not much to eat. Except other people. And vermin. And other foul things tainted by the wyrdstones: you are what you eat. He is armed with twisted and corroded version of his former armour and carrying a pig-sticker which he can use to skewer his victims. On his belt he has hanged some snacks for the occasional, though exponentially ever present, hunger.





Hannibal has gained a pack of followers that have copied his unholy appetite. They tag along and help him hunt the unfortunate souls and critters that stalk the lost streets of the city. They eat the scraps that are left from him after he has finished his feasting. The taint is quite apparent on them too, and you can spot different phases of degeneration throughout the warband. The swordsman is halfway through the mutation and he is based on an art made by J.M.K. My favorite of the henchmen is still the forlorn, sad Ogre, who keeps chasing his happiness.


I also had the honor to paint one of the Mad Meg models by the illustrious sculptor Michael Anderson, based on Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s painting. She also saw some action in the games as a newly hired hero.

-Alexander Winberg-

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