Mordheim 2019 – Alexander Winberg

When I first started to prepare for the Mordheim 2019 event I went back to the White Dwarf magazines that featured Mordheim to get a feel for how the warbands were presented. The box included both Skaven (an interesting choice that I assume had to do with them being an easier kit to make in plastic) and human mercenaries. But unlike Warhammer 40,000 there isn’t a clear poster boy for Mordheim. However Reiklanders felt like the upstanding choice that represents the regular human, and is a bit boring.

With that in mind my first choice was to make a Reiklander warband, a collection of lost souls still wandering the ruins long after they should have died. I got quite far with the group and I hope I will have the motivation to paint them someday. However with all the madness being created by the group I felt the need to start over, so I built a gang of witch hunters. They on the other hand didn’t really resonate with me, something about the theme didn’t inspire me. Then I got the idea to try out the Sisters of Sigmar, with few plastic options available it would be a challenge.

At some point I had the idea to convert a group of warriors by mixing Delaque bodies and featureless masks, certainly inspired by Cenobites from the Hellbound Heart. Could this idea be used for Mordheim? The Sisterhood is one of the harder warbands to convert, but a lot of fun to play. Erik, Adam and Nicolas had already shown their takes on the Sisters of Sigmar so I really wanted mine to stand out, I used the idea the idea of Cenobites since it felt properly strange. My Sisters are clad in heavy black leather coats and masks to protect themselves from the baleful energies of the wyrdstone they collect.

The concept of the Choir is that they are one of the twelve covens that form the Sisterhood. Their task is to watch over the Unheld Hammer (revealed by Tuomas Pirinen to actually be an Avatar of Sigmar) deep inside the Rock. But due to the dwindling resources at the Sisters disposal even the Choir is forced to venture out into the ruins of Mordheim.

Actually converting them was a quick affair. As mentioned I used Delaques with masks from different kits and weapons from the Drukhari Wracks. A few Sigmarite symbols help show their true faith. I painted them rapidly, it was fun trying out black. Black is definitely not one of the colours I feel comfortable using, however I learned a lot and both Johan and Adam gave me a lot of good tips.

All in all I am happy with the warband and I hope to have a few Post-Mordheim games with them.

-Alexander Winberg-

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