Mordheim 2019 – Erik Blomqvist

Erik has been involved in our previous games, Outgard and Tor Megiddo and is no stranger to the Blanschitsu feature in White Dwarf. His old school meets modern plastic approach can and should be followed on Instagram.

The main inspiration for my sisters of Sigmar warband was the illustrations from the rulebook and a little bit of crusader imagery, lots of cloth chainmail. Red and white are some of my favourite colours to paint so the colorscheme was a easy choise, it was also the “offical” colorscheme for the Sisters back in the day and I wanted to stay true to the original.

A lot of the models were converted from the Idoneth Deepkin range and I used female models from almost every boxed game GW have at the moment; Warhammer Underworlds, Necromunda, WHQ and Bloodbowl.

Most of the heads are female Stormcast heads from Forge World.

Sisters of Sigmar Henchwomen_003.jpg

Sisters of Sigmar

Sisters of Sigmar Henchwomen_001.jpg

Sisters of Sigmar

Sisters of Sigmar Henchwomen_002.jpg

Sisters of Sigmar

Sisters of Sigmar matriarch.jpg

The Matriarch

Sisters of Sigmar Sister Superiors.jpg

Sisters Superior

Sisters of Sigmar Augur.jpg

The Augur

Sisters of Sigmar Bertha.jpg

Erik even updated the High Matriarch Bertha Bestraufrung to assist the Sisters of Sigmar warbands during the games.

Sisters of Sigmar warband.jpg

-Alexander Winberg-

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