Mordheim 2019 – Kari Hernesniemi

Kari definetely do not need an introduction, famous for games such as the Palantine and the Pilgrym. You can, as always, follow him over at Iron Sleet.

Have you heard the story about the treasure of Mad Koeppen’s? Well I do not care if you have or not, it goes like this…

Many winters ago a fellow trooper with a name of Hermann Koeppen was found wandering around the Dead Woods of Ostland, twenty or so miles to south from the city of Kiel. Koeppen was naked, covered in blood and his skin was dirty like a pig’s. There he had been, wandering mindlessly and mumbling something about a hidden loot and the city of the damned – Mordheim that is.

They say Koeppen was hired as a bodyguard for a titled adventurer, some lunatic who was about to travel to the damned city for a treasure hunt or something, with an entourage of dozen or so hired swords. According to the story, they were brave (and stupid) enough to wander the deepest and darkest corners of the city, and lucky enough to evade most of the hordes of verminkind and walking deads that live there. Fortune was on their side though, and they happened to stumble on a significant amount of glimmering loot – gems and jewels of perished nobles, clothed sack after sack of gold coins, and a spectacular source of that green Wyrdstone.

This is where the story gets interesting. Apparently the Wyrdstone they had found was cursed by the ruinous powers of Chaos. The evil within the stones slowly started to mess with their minds, twisting it like a puppet master. In no time they were hands around each others’ throats, slicing them open and murdering one another like filthy beastmen.

It seemed like Koeppen was the last man standing. With a mad gloss in his eye he hid the loot along with the bodies of his comrades and left the scene with his brainpanne all messed up.

The city guards of Kiel, the ones who found Koeppen and did the interrogations, wrote down every word the mad man was able to spit out. They were able to make some sense to his vague story and somewhat generous, but not accurate, map of the scene where Koeppen had hid the loot and the bodies.

The next morning Koeppen was hung for his crimes.

Now hear me out lads! It happens to be that I have the map to Koeppen’s treasure ¬¬- and that is where we are heading! Do not ask me how I got it, that is for another story time, but I tell you this… I had to pay a pretty penny and blood for it, so let us hope it is the real thing!

Fame and fortune awaits us, my lads! To Mordheim!

Mordheim Mercenary band – Averland ex State Troops, a.k.a “Dogs of Morr”

Reingard Reichenau (ex Captain of Averland state troops, band leader)
Roderick Spiess (ex state trooper, maceman and a drunkard)
Guido Finn (ex state trooper, crossbowman, brother of Guntram)
Guntram Finn (ex state trooper, crossbowman, brother of Guido)
Werner Kolb (Veteran state trooper of Greatswords)
Herbert Kluck (ex state trooper, knife master, a sailor)
Anselm Helmke (ex state trooper, young blood, with a spear)
Gilbert Riesch (ex state trooper, red headed farmer with a shield and a sword)

Zrug Gutsbelt (hired ogre marauder)

-Alexander Winberg-

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