Mordheim 2019 – Jimmy Henriksson

Jimmy Henriksson has been making quite a splash with his Mordheim gang, you can follow him on Instagram

Praised be to Sigmar our saviour and lord.

You never left our prayers ignored.

Praised be his union with the green glowing moon.

It brought us a child and a wonderful boon.

In the city of Mordheim made out of sin.

The moonchild’s cradle is resting within.

”Chants of the Parade of Parody IC 2019

First off, thank you Alexander Winberg for inviting me to write about my warband on this blog!

This all started in 2018 with 2019 closing in, Mordheim would turn 20 years old and a lot of warbands for M19 was in the making, ready to revisit the old world and thread down the streets of the City of the Damned, which really inspired me to start this project of mine that I would eventually call “the Parade of Parody”.

It all began as some sort of tribute to Mordheim, since it is the game that I always come back to and always can enjoy, this eventually grew into a fully fledged warband. I’ve always been fascinated by the amazing artwork in the rulebook and it’s twisted nature, how many of them can be interpreted in so many different ways and each one can have small hidden gems inside them, and still today I manage to find new things in those pieces of artwork after having read and used the rulebook for all these years. When I began to build the models I thought I’d start off by giving a handful of those pieces of artwork that I liked the most life through models, either trying to get as close as I can or doing my own spin on it, with hopes that I did capture the feeling of the artwork.

The real challenge for me was to find the bits I needed for all models and trying to figure out where and how to sculpt on them. Luckily I had tons of bits from various kits and boxes that I shamelessly bought for future possible conversions in mind, and so the hunt began!

The first models that I worked on was Sir Swine, the Wanderer, The Blunderbuss Bear, The Unwilling Knight and my personal favourite, the Juggler by the artist John Wigley. As I grew ever more inspired I also built The Sewn Pistolier, The Dark Jester, The Thug, The Silent Marksman, The Wyrdkisser, The Pig Fighter and The Butcher Ogre.

When I started painting them I wanted them having somewhat muted down colours except for the red which I wanted to “pop” on the models from the tanned cream-coloured cloths and rusted weapons and armour.

I imagine that the lot would be a ragtag parade walking through the streets of Mordheim, each individual having pretty much lost their mind through all the chaos and madness that has occurred through the years, allowing mutants such as the mutated ogre and the walking talking swine in their numbers. They all banded together, praising Sigmar in their lunatic state, believing that the mythical Moon Child within Mordheim is Sigmar reborn, which have haunted them in their dreams with visions of conquest and prosperity again for the world, and so they are doing all they can to find the child before everyone else. The child is the rightful leader of all the lands after all.

If anything, I learned from this project that I found a love for basing miniatures out of artwork and concept art.

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