Mordheim 2019 – Tammy Nicholls

The Mordheim 2019 event is almost upon us! I hope to introduce all the warbands here for your pleasure. First up is the mistress of misery, Tammy Nicholls of Tears of Envy fame.

Twenty years! Who would have believed it? A lot has happened in that time. Both in the Real World, and in Mordheim.

Let us turn to the first of these. Editions have come and gone. Indeed, the very world in which Mordheim resides has been… well… you know. It didn’t work out so well for the denizens of The Old World. But GW’s unique ability to world-build and create visually compelling settings (courtesy of its talented stable of artists, writers and sculptors) ensured that The City of the Damned would continue to pull in chancers, treasure hunters and adventurers for two decades. The gathering planned in Helsinki (a reunion of sorts) is a tribute to the impact of that great comet in one tiny corner of The Empire. And it has been a fantastic ride for everyone. We’ve seen some of the world’s best hobby talent turn its collective attention to warbands and the environs themselves. The list is too long to go through in full here, but I am stoked to see warbands of all shapes and sizes demonstrating the breadth of vision and skill in the Blanchitsu community. Although I know these words will appear on his blog, we should not forget to than Alexander for lighting this firecracker. And retreating to a safe distance to watch the creative explosion unfold.

So what of the twenty years that have passed in the fictional Old World? After a false start, I realised that was the interesting thing for me. A fortuitous reading of Roadside Picnic and re-watching of La Jetée got me thinking. Perhaps over-thinking. And out of a crackling aura of bleak Modernist prison-technology step my warband of time-travelling criminal-mercenaries. Their garb is a bizarre mix of medieval peasant, Kow Yokoyama curved augmentation and WWI German camouflage. Trench warfare. Standard issue machetes. Totenkopf insignia. They are the least faithful group to the original IP, to be sure, but that’s the fun of these projects. You never know what’s going to emerge from the creative soup. As I started by saying; who would have believed it?

-Alexander Winberg-

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