Mordheim 2019 – Damnation Ascendant

We have been on this journey for nigh on a year now and the city of the damned is finally within sight. Just over a month remain until a ravening horde of converters and painters will descend upon Helsinki to partake in what will certainly be a glorious weekend of Mordheim.

Mordheim 2019 started out as a small project, a gathering of a few friends. But it has grown into a behemoth spawning spin off games and a triumphant mood among it’s fans. Instagram is full of fantastic conversions celebrating the games 20th anniversary and the Facebook group is going strong. This is an amazing feat considering that the game is long out of print and unsupported by Games Workshop, but fans will find a way.

But for now, here are some of the warbands being created from San Francisco to Zagreb.


Adam – Sisters of Sigmar


Alexander A – Undead




Alexander L – Witch Hunters



Alexander W – Sisters of Sigmar


Ana – the Cult of the Possessed


Eric – Undead


Erik – Sisters of Sigmar

Sisters of Sigmar warband_001.JPG


Filip – the Cult of the Possessed



Jimmy – the Cult of the Possessed


Johan – Undead



Kari – Mercenaries



Kristian – Skaven



Michael – Undead


Mikko – Chaos Dwarfs


Tammy – Mercenaries

Mord-Leader-1-v1.jpgMord-Champion-2-v1.jpgMord lineup copy.jpg


Quite cool, right. We hope you enjoy and we will back soon with a look at the tables being built.

-Alexander Winberg-


18 thoughts on “Mordheim 2019 – Damnation Ascendant

    1. Haha! There are too many! Two of us run this blog and the third is a good friend. We also have two Eriks in case we need a spare.

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  1. The last band doesn’t fit in anyway in Mordheim setting, just because it’s fantasy it doesn’t mean everything is possible, it shows the lack of knownledge on Warhammer and Mordheim roots.


    1. You know you have no idea what you are talking about, right. Just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean it isn’t right for Mordheim.


    2. While I can understand your thoughts on the last warbands aesthetics, a little context would probably convince you of their place in the setting. The creator, Tears of Envy, would probably be happy to hear it looks slightly our of place next to the others, as that was the intent. Rather than risking not doing it justice, you can read more about them on the her blog:
      She was actually a major inspiration for the setting of Mordheim 2019, proposing the idea of using classic science fiction, like Stalker/Roadside Picnic as a creative lens to examine what 20 years would do to the City of the Damned.

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      1. Also, Mordheim is how power weapons and lasguns (or some kind of energy weapon) were introduced into WHF – the Amazons warband had the “Claw of the Old One” (a power blade of some kind), and the “Sunstaff” and “Sun Gauntlet”, both heavily implied to be laser weapons or some other high energy weapon. There’s also what’s implied to be a forcefield amulet.

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      2. Very true, even if those rules were based on much earlier material from the old scenario packs involving amazons.


  2. I don’t often comment here but just wanted to say this is all simply amazing! I am myself a huge fan of Mordheim and your incredible efforts really inspired my friends and I to cobble together our own version of Mordheim2019… A pale imitation of course but we will do our best!
    All war bands are incredible but I particularly enjoy the great creativity behind Jimmy’s Cult of the Possessed… Impressive conversions and wonderful painting, really faithful to the spirit of Mordheim and the amazing illustrations of the rulebook.

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    1. Glad to hear that! I am really looking forward to seeing more celebrations of Mordheim this year.


    1. Stoked to hear you liked them. We definitely went for a very dark and disturbing tone, something that GW wasn’t able to do for various reasons.


  3. I raise my glass to you for celebrating the 20th anniversary of this beloved game!! And these kit-bashes are truly fantastic! On a side note, how are you going to run this event? And more specifically what rules/rule changes do you use? I would love a post where you discuss it all (if you haven’t already, I did not find one)!

    And once more; Cheers to you all!

    If you do something like this again I’ll swim from Sweden to you 🙂

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    1. Hi, thank you! I will write more about the event very soon and try to answer your questions then


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