Mordheim 2019 – the Three Pillars of Faith

The sun rose and the city burned and it was a beautiful sight to the man as he watched the inferno take hold of the damned. He did not know if the city truly burned or if it was but a desperate mirage of his damaged mind yet it filled him with manic glee. Did it really matter if it was but a vision brought forth by his deep longing or a real fire that again had taken hold in the twice burned over ruins.


The question brought him back into the now shattering his line of thoughts.

Master it is time.

The man who spoke played with a long knife as if nervous yet his nerves had long since been forged into steel by the endless hunt. It was a man who had carved out his own eyes to prevent him from seeing the ruination of his Lord’s great creation.

The Hunt Master looked at his trusted hound and acknowledged the desire to hunt and to stalk the ruins in search for prey. His pack strained against the leash of his command eager to hunt as their fathers and mothers had hunted through the centuries, blood starved beasts hungry for the thrill of the kill.


With but a word he once more unleashed his followers upon the world. Like grey revenants of long forgotten wars they took to the field and they were proud and noble like the ancient saints that had followed their Lord to the blessed battle at the Reik and humbled the foul undead king.

The world would be at peace again for all would burn in the Time of Endings and Sigmar would ascend from the gardens of death to rule worlds without end.


Hunt Master and his hunters. The First Pillar, that of Retribution.

They are the elite within the warband and will hopefully form the hammer to smash their opponents. They will be played as witch hunters and witch hunter captain. The first hunter, Claw, is armed with a handgun and mace while the Hunt Master carries a banner and a sword. Upon his back the master carries a remnant of the Sigmarite cathedral of Hergig and on his shoulders he bear the skulls of his wife and child. Crow Mother is armed with two short swords and the blind hunter, Fang, is armed with a sword.



Theogonist Domhnall and the deacons. The Second Pillar, that of Benediction.

The second group within the warband consists of the theogonist Domhnall, who counts as a warrior priest armed with a great sword and his three deacons. The deacons count as zealots armed with swords and flails. They are the core of the warband’s faith and they endlessly preach the creed of Sigmar. They too are warriors and have suffered terrible injuries, as is only fitting for the followers of Sigmar.



The knights of the Chapel. The Third Pillar, that of Penance.

The third group of warriors are the knights of the Chapel, also a group of count as zealots. On their backs they also carry pieces of the Sigmarite cathedral of Hergig. They are inspired by the Tabernacle and the concept of a living temple. During sermons they form a cathedral of stone and flesh for the faithful to flock to.


-Alexander Winberg-

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