Mordheim 2019 – They keep calling me

In the twenty years following its release Mordheim has gathered a strong cult following, particularly on forums such as Tom’ Boring Mordheim Forum and, of course, on Facebook. However the coming of Mordheim’s twentieth anniversary and the launch of Mordheim MMXIX has heralded the game’s new growth on Instagram, especially of #Mordheim 2019

Here we present some of the most interesting miniatures being made in the Mordheim 2019 spirit.










Record Keeper_4.jpg


2019-02-18 09.36.48 1.jpg

2019-02-18 09.38.17 1.jpg


2019-02-18 09.44.51 1.jpg

2019-02-18 09.45.53 1.jpg

2019-02-18 09.46.28 1.jpg


It is pure, glorious darkness. A visual revolution, moving a way from the safe into the terrifying unknown.

-Alexander Winberg-

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