Mordheim 2019 – The Moon Child

I hate the moons, I am afraid of them. Their baleful gaze haunting me through the streets. They are diviners, they are the benefactors. Of change and corruption. The mark of the goat and the mark of the rat, burned into man’s flesh.

From the moons all evil grows, all that is wrong and impure. A womb filled with sorrow and one filled with hate. In the dreamlands the seed takes hold, growing, as the fathers hang low, a mother is made. The prisoner stirs in restless motion and the Moon Child grows stronger.

Oh Lords, Oh Ladies of might and power! Where are you now? Where is the shield of contempt and the rending sword? What has become of the hammer, bring forth its wrath once more! Oh Father, oh Sigmar, oh Sun I scream for you in this light, both green and sunshiny milk. In this blood tainted mud I submit myself, hear my prayer!

-Swineherd’s lamentation




These are the ruins of Mordheim and here the apocalypse is building towards a crescendo. It is threatening to burst out of the once glorious city and destroy the fragmented Empire. Few are those who can stop the coming disaster and fewer are those who knows about the impending doom.

The magistrates of the Cult of the Possessed speak in hushed tongues of a great ritual, an unbinding of reality. Deep within the temple fortresses of Sigmar mad prophets cry in terror as templar-scribes hasten to mark down the prophecies and guide the frothing Witch Hunters. Inside the Rock the augurs vomit blood as they experience a mirage of the dark majesty within the harrowed Pit. In dark tunnels the rats skitter, crawling in the walls and endlessly burrowing deeper and deeper, towards the dreaming god.

And somewhere inside the zone, as snow and ashes fall, a small boy with dead eyes awakens.


This is Mordheim MMXIX, a shadow war inside hell, not only for riches and glories, but for the soul of a world.

The Moon Child has begun to awaken to the world. He is the promised Child, the Chaos Child that heralds the End Times. But he has not yet come into his might and he is vulnerable. Now is the only chance to claim him, to offer him up to the Pit so that he can fulfill his destiny and free the Shadowlord. It is now that he can be struck down, burned to cinder so that man may live an other day. Or perhaps to be corralled and forced to serve other goals, other sinister agendas.


Greed can twist the most loyal of hearts, champion. You must be prepared to sacrifice much so that in the end your ambition is the one that conquers. Form alliances with those who share your cause and use influence, gold, even wyrdstone to turn enemies into allies. Lie, cheat, murder, do what ever is necessary, but conquer the city and subjugate the Child!

You must search all corners of the Mordheim to find the hidden clues, the omens that point towards the Moon Child’s haven. Share your knowledge wisely, true enlightenment need not be shared. Find the Child and bring him to your lords and your name shall live in eternity!


-Alexander Winberg-

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