Mordheim 2019 – In the bleak midwinter

2019 has come and with it comes the cold, dark days. It’s the perfect time to stay indoors building and painting miniatures. The team has been busy as you can see.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the first showcase of Mordheim 2019!

The remnants of Mordheim have burned, smoldered and finally fallen into desolation. It is a sacrificial landscape, more than twice burned over. The Mordheim zone is hostile, hateful and an anathema to all life. Only the insane would venture there, only the murderous would survive there. Yet there are those who will do just that. They come to Mordheim searching for glory and damnation in equal amounts.


Erratic, feral humans, sworn to the Shadowlord and the darkness within the Pit




The Trees Have Ears and the Field Has Eyes



The lines between man and animal blurs and daemons stalk the empty streets.


In this horrendous time the dregs of humanity must band together for comfort

Mutated and warp tainted Skaven


Time travelling scum from a possible future

tammy 2



In the zone no spirit can find rest, the torrents of pain drives them into destruction



The merciful Sisters of Sigmar still remain in the city







Filthy Undead crawl forth from their barrow lairs to steal away the living



Only the Witch Hunters are able to stand in the way of Chaos and remain pure






Milan Mori of the Blood Dragons, seeking to test his mettle




The eternal hag. She lives, she dies, she lives again. In every skirmish she can be found.

Meg is a special event exclusive miniature sculpted by Mike Anderson for Mordheim MMXIX. All participants will receive a copy as gift from John to paint in advance as a friendly competition. You can be sure that there will be quite a variety of styles and ideas on show.


So much more yet to come! This is only a part of miniatures being made by the 26 members of Mordheim MMXIX. I hope you enjoyed the show.

-Alexander Winberg-

18 thoughts on “Mordheim 2019 – In the bleak midwinter

    1. Thank you! It wasn’t our only goal, but we are certainly glad to have been able to bring some fresh energy to the community!

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  1. I’ve been so excited for this since it was announced it and it’s all so amazing.
    Any chance of including links to people’s websites/instagram/whatever in these updates?


    1. If you check the last post you should find links to all the involved blogs. Best way to find more on Instagram is to search for #Mordheim2019


  2. Marvellous stuff, just marvellous. Would be good if there were links to the project logs or blogs, unless I’ve missed them?

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  3. Impresionante!! felicitaciones, estos diseños son inspiradores, los felicito, voy a ver seguido su pagina, desde Buenos Aires Argentina, Great work!

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