Mordheim 2019 – MMXVIII becomes MMXIX

art by Wayne England, Rogue Factor and Tammy Nicholls, remixed by Alexander Winberg


MMXIX, the year of darkness. Unfortunately the Imperial Calender records no cataclysmic event for the year, but I’m sure it will be remembered.

Mordheim 2019 is coming up in a few months and I hope the dark corners of Instagram, Facebook, blogs and forums will soon be awash with strange and terrifying warbands and terrain.

To help those who are interested I have compiled a list of note worthy places to visit.

Blogs of infamy

I also recommend you check out #mordheim2019 on Instagram to see the work of those who don’t blog.

Hopefully we will be able to showcase some of the miniatures here on Echoes as well.

I hope you have a wonderful 2019!

-Alexander Winberg-

15 thoughts on “Mordheim 2019 – MMXVIII becomes MMXIX

    1. Hi John, we will use the original rulebook only. Hired swords can be added from Towen Cryer. I might do some small extra rules to reflect the special event but nothing major, more like extra gear and such.


      1. Regarding the Town Cryers, is that also including the additional Warbands, such as Orcs & Goblins?


      2. Hi, no it’s only the warbands from the rulebook. It works better to create a coherent mood.

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      3. Nobody should like goats that much, but if you really want them then you can take them as part of the Cult of the Possessed 😄


    1. Be prepared to be disappointed then, there is no point in calcifying in the past. We aim for something more interesting than just a sad oldhammer whine.


    1. I think it depends a lot on the way you play. A couple of our boards will be quite small, even tiny. But with the right attitude they should be a joy to play on. 3×3 is a pretty decent size.


  1. Hello. Can you help me?
    I search to know if I can use the community logo Mordheim MMXIX.
    Some to French community have a project to do a reference website with lot of document translated. We search to do an original logo for this webiste “The Great Library of Mordheim”. I think the use of the logo Mordheim MMXIX to the composition could be intersting for mark the community aspect.
    What is the right for use it? Where can I download it?


    1. Hi, thanks for contacting us first. We would prefer that you do not use the Mordheim 2019 logo as it was created specifically for the event in Helsinki. Hopefully you will get a great logo for your project.


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