Mordheim 2019 – Exploring the ruins and setting the mood

Due to the upcoming mini campaign I have to create a bit of scenery for us to play on. Terrain is always fascinating to make and I usually spends a lot of time planning, even if the end result not always match my vision.

There isn’t much to show so far, but some small bits and pieces have been made. The most important part is to show the deep religious fervor of the Empire, the perversion of Chaos and the eternal doom that dwells within the ruins.

The reliquaries and memento mori will be scattered across the boards, all of course inspired by the rule book.


The first game board is a part of the city close to the dread Pit. It seems very likely that when the comet hit Mordheim it resulted in a firestorm sweeping over large parts of the city. The quarters closest to the Pit are of course dangerous and no one sane would seek to reclaim or rebuild them.




More material will follow.

-Alexander Winberg-

8 thoughts on “Mordheim 2019 – Exploring the ruins and setting the mood

  1. Nice work so far, dude. Those little pieces have some great character to them. You can really see the rulebook art shining through them.

    I notice your board is smaller that the classic Mordheim size; are you going for a Kill Team sized mini-board? I’ve been curious myself to see how that size table works for AoS Skirmish.

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    1. More or less yes, a few tables will be slightly larger to allow for multiplayer games. I prefer quicker games and smaller tables are a way to achive that. Spending half the game just running towards each other is not fun.

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      1. Cool. I’m going to have my first go at Kill Team this weekend, but I’ve enjoyed new Necro on smaller Zone Mortalis tables, so if it goes well it’ll encourage me to think about building smaller but more detailed AoS/Fantasy tables for Skirmish and the like.

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      2. Sounds great, it’s much more fun to get stuck into the action as quickly as possible.

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  2. What is that, cork on a board layered up to make appropriate contours?
    Looking good!
    I’m also planning on some Mord20 activity next year – just gotta put some thought into it over the Xmas break.


    1. Cork on cork and some other materials to make the board slightly uneven. I look forward to seeing more Mordheim 2019 projects starting.


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