Necromunda Underhive Dominion campaign map

Hey all,

I wanted to start a dominion campaign  so I started to trawl the internet for an interesting map to use, but with no luck.

Instead I created my own map where you can play up to five players (15 territories). I made two different versions so that you can use whatever suits best. I did also include three territories (Chaos redacted area, infested area and Guild Lord) that can be used for additional games with custom rules. Or perhaps use them to add three more territories as normal.

Anyway, enjoy them.

If you have any ideas for more maps or similar then please write below..

/Alexander Lunde


Hive Primus Map 2.0

Hive Primus Map 1.0



7 thoughts on “Necromunda Underhive Dominion campaign map

  1. This looks fantastic!
    I’m intrigued by the Archeotech Device so big it gets a zone on the map! =)


    1. Thanks mate! Haha well not all archeotech devices are small. It is used as an catch all word for things the hivers don’t understand 😄


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