Mordheim 2019 – Reikland

In Altdorf, the Grand Prince of Reikland screams in drunken rage. Ludwig is a man broken down by vice and misfortune. Barely literate and only occasionally sober he still seeks to claim the imperial high seat. Behind this wretch stands a far more dangerous man, unseen but all seeing. He is the Master of Masks, the Red Hand, the Emperor of Crime. He name is Efraim Konniger and he is the true power in Altdorf. The web spun by Konniger is deep and convoluted, he seeks to ensnare all the lords and ladies of the Empire, manipulating them to advance his plans. And thus, he sends his agents and the unsuspecting soldiers of Reikland into Mordheim, for the lure of wyrdstone is irresistible to all.

That’s how I chose to introduce Reikland and it’s warbands to my friends. Dig deep enough and you will find corruption seething beneath the veneer of respectability and chivalry. As if honour was ever the norm in the Empire.

I have never played with Reiklanders, Marienburgers were my warband of choice, they shamelessly display their wealth and vice. Reikland felt a bit like the poster boys of the game. A little bit too upstanding and professional. But what the hell, if you want to then anything can be interesting and I chose the boys in red and white.

I succumbed to the siren call of fresh plastic and bought a box of the newly released Cawdors. While not flawless it is still an amazing kit, it is so full of fun details that it almost builds itself.

Other than Cawdors I have searched through the bit box for all kinds of wonky heads, arms, wargear and random crazy stuff. When a crowd such as this is coming you have to give it your best shot.

I’ll go into more details about the warband and their background later. For now it is enough to say that they have been stuck in the Mordheim Zone for close to 20 years. The Zone has not been kind to them, lunacy and disease is widespread among them. It is the darkest of times.

8 thoughts on “Mordheim 2019 – Reikland

  1. A very nice gang you’ve got there. That Cawdor kit just screams Mordheim! You’ve put it to very good use. 😊👍

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