AoS28 – Cardinal Church Continued

I’m not a very quick builder, I tend to have ideas that I feel are worth exploring a bit, but then I lose interest in them if there is no clear reason for me to continue with them, for example a big game coming up. So my Age of Sigmar warbands have languished in development hell while other miniatures have been finished due to more pressing deadlines. Fortunately I might finally have a reason to finish the Cardinal Church and I have even added a few more members to the group. With a little determination I should be able to have them finished in time for fall. Pesonally I dislike having unpainted miniatures waiting on me, I don’t want to jump between projects. Instead I see it as important to try to finish what I start so the Church should be finished before I build more miniatures.

The Honorable and Blessed Walkers in the Night are a militant monastic order enslaved to the Church hieropomps. They guard the higher echelons from threats both from without and within. The order is organised into smaller covens of knights that band together to wage war. The most experienced Nightwalkers usually form cavalry covens, but the curse of rot has inevitably taken hold among them. Many have experienced a swelling of the brain, some to such bizarre proportions that they have had to have their orifices sewn shut to stop their liquified cerebrum from leaking out. Others have stepped through the veil yet remain among the living, unable to fully die.

The hierarchs are the preachers and teachers of the Cardinal Church. They make up the wast body of it clergy. Many are called into its cold embrace, but few prove themselves worthy to climb its convoluted hierarchy. These men and women usually travel in groups spreading the Authority of Sigmar. In most cases they are lead by a mendicant suffragan, their spirits tied to his to form a powerful egregore.

The Poor Children Outside the Tabernacle, commonly refered to only as Children, are a cenobitic monastic order that observes a strict form of the Authority of Sigmar. They own nothing and toil in the swamps outside the temple complex to provide for their superiors. Utterly pious and devoted to their creed, yet they too are touched by the rot of Tchar. When called upon hordes of Children will follow the hierarchs to spread the Authority.

-Alexander Winberg-

8 thoughts on “AoS28 – Cardinal Church Continued

  1. Quite an excellent collection of miniatures, one that explores various aspects of the undead, rather than just focusing on skeletons. The most intriguing aspect, however, is the narrative that explores the undead outside of Nagash’s influence. The concept of some undead still following the influence of Sigmar is fascinating, and brings up an equally interesting point that the Creed of Sigmar likely has many disparate interpretations, some more fanatical than others.


    1. One of my pet peeves is that so much of the setting is described by the word of god. Everything either is or isn’t a certain way. There is so little confusion and uncertanty.

      Why would the inhabitants of the Realms know what we as readers do. Why can’t they believe that Gorkamorka created the world out of mud and bones, even if they aren’t orks. I want to see different mythologies and pantheons. I want schisms inside the major faiths and widely diverging religious schools. Many more interpretations of the events of the Realms.


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