Outgard – Memoriam defunctorum

To play a game you need some miniatures of course. Outgard gave us a chance to explore depressing full on medievalism, with hints of strange dysfunctional technology. The bedrock of 40k in many ways, just taken to the extreme. This is the stuff we all delight in.



Helge Dahl created the court of King Raavenkæld. A villanous ruler who has claimed the long forsaken title of King. His claiming of kingship led to the Frozen War, a large and long war involving almost a thousand peasant warriors and draging out for nearly two months. In the later stages of the war Raavenkæld managed to slay chief Ruma and destroy most of his enemies strenght.

Now King Raavenkæld seeks to expand his dominion across the land.

2018-06-11 10.13.43 1.jpg

Alexander Lunde is responsible for some of the most pathetic looking witch hunters ever seen. Ragnar Hårfagre and his wytch jaegers are licensed bounty killers tasked with tracking down wytches. It is the Hierarchs of the Tuonela necropolis that has given them a murder warrant. The priests despise the wytches that plague the necro-pilgrims and steal what rightfully belong to the necropolis.

2018-06-11 10.14.48 1.jpg

Erik Blomqvist brought along one of the most bizarre warbands I have seen. Lord Urgenthaal and his retinue are scrap-hunters looking for wytchtek. Ancient technology that may or may not work. They search the wilderness in hope of finding true mechanarium relics to add to Urgenthaal’s throne.

2018-06-11 10.09.51 1.jpg

My own warband consists of the remnants of chief Ruma’s hird and thralls. After Ruma was slain his corpse was placed in a boat along with his arms and the skulls of his kin. Now his loyal followers drags his corpse with them towards Tuonela so that he may rest in peace. A few of his hirdmen have already passed away, but the dead do not sleep in Outgard, instead they rise as draugr.

2018-06-11 10.13.10 1.jpg

The mighty Johan Egerkrans could not make it for the game. However he sent over a few miniatures, the Hound of Rotwang and his dogs.

2018-06-11 10.22.52 1.jpg

Hollowed by Remnante, a draugr that still seeks to return home to his children, a century after his murder.

2018-06-11 10.23.52 1.jpg

Organ Grinder, also by Remnate. A wonderful, bleak miniature. It is a truly ancient servitor, long since abandoned and forgotten.

2018-06-11 10.22.07 1.jpg

The final model Remnate sent over is Gallow Maid. A daemonic entiety trapped inside still living wood.

2018-06-11 10.21.04 1.jpg

The famous brothers Wier sent us the Vermilion Wanderer. An enigmatic creature that endlessly wander the hinterlands. His dirty robes hides his iron body, for the population would flee in horror if they saw his true form.

Those were the warbands of Outgard. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

-Alexander Winberg-

13 thoughts on “Outgard – Memoriam defunctorum

  1. I agree with Ana – great to see the warbands gathered and described. I love how interconnected their backgrounds are. I loved the setting of Outgard, really inspirational. Didn’t jeff Vader also draw a map?

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  2. This is were a blog is the best medium. It’s easy to showcase things like warbands with a bit more depth. To be honest I didn’t write very much about them since I don’t remember every detail and I like to keep things vague.

    Johan (do we still use the super hero alter ego’s?) did draw a map, still available on the Convertorum.

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      1. Yeah it becomes a bit odd after a while doesn’t it? I usually use the real names unless I know there is a reason for someone to remain hidden behind the mask.

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  3. These warbands are all great.

    King Raavenkæld looks like a Disney villain, a proper medieval bad guy. The wytch hunter on horse is a great model, very archetypal. I love the tracked-throne thing – all of a sudden you’re not quite so sure what time period you’re looking at. Bell-head immediately caught my attention in your warband, but it’s the floating tentacle-head thing beside him that’s staying with me. All those guest models are fantastic little pieces as well – I’d love to contribute if you guys do a similar thing again. And it’s great to see Necron-99 pop up there at the end! I’d forgotten all about him.

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    1. Did you read the latest issue of White Dwarf? Turns out Necron-99 managed to escape Outgard, for a moment at least.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do it, it features Saul’s and Kristian’s Tor Megiddo warbands as well as npc’s by the Wiers.

        Liked by 1 person

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