Codex Rhossum Secundus

The game has come and gone and only silence remains upon the dust fields of Rhossum Secundus.

A report will follow with more pictures, but for now I’m happy to share the mini Codex Rossum Secundus we used for the game. We also used these nifty Datacards that Alexander Lunde created to help us keep track of the Colossi. In a game such as this it was out of question to use dice or similar tools to keep track of wounds.

It is much more of a guideline than a clear-cut rulebook, it is meant to inspire and help the players get a vision of the doleful world of Rhossum Secundus.

We used Necromunda (1st edition) as a guideline, but a lot of decisions were made on the spot.

I hope you will enjoy it and that it may inspire future projects.

-Alexander Winberg-

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