Tor Megiddo – Blanchitsu

The Tor Megiddo saga began in January 2017 and now we are finally coming to the last chapter. It has been one hell of a story. The whole thing began as a somewhat crazy idea, “let’s invite friends and strangers to Helsinki for a game of Necromunda, I won’t seem like a lunatic at all!”

So invites were sent and together with Helge I waited for the response. And what a response it was! Damn if I wasn’t happy and overwhelmed. What had I just started?!

Well, you know the rest by now. We planned, we cheered each other on, we panicked (oh yes, some were still painting the morning they left for gloomy Finland). It was worth it, oh it was so worth it. And I would do it again in a heart beat, in fact in a month we are about to do it again. Check out Rhossum Secundus!


The final highlight of this epic undertaking came in the winter when we were approached by the people behind the Blanchitsu feature in White Dwarf. They wanted to show case our game! Here we are now. The first article features my co-blogger Alexander Lunde and my work. It is an incredible honour to be featured on those pages. Literally something we both have been striving for!

Thank you all who took part in Tor Megiddo!

Thank you to all who supported us!

Thank you to all family members who put up with us!

Thank you for reading this!

Thank you and goodbye to Tor Megiddo!






-Alexander Winberg-


10 thoughts on “Tor Megiddo – Blanchitsu

  1. I love the kitbashed models! Top quality! I am doing my own tor Megiddo project with my friends and it’s gonna be a blast!

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