Echoes presents: Erik “Nordic” Blomqvist

First, thank you Alexander Winberg for inviting me to the blog to talk a bit about my Chaos army/warband.

This project started with me, Alexander Winberg, and Johan Egerkrans getting together in 2016 to play a short Path to Glory game using the new (at the time) Age of Sigmar rules. We each picked our god and I chose Tzeentch because that’s my favourite chaos power and I hadn’t seen that many armies centered around it. It also gave me ample opportunities for conversions. Tzeentch has room for being very surreal and psychedelic, which I’m a huge fan of!

Another big inspiration for choosing tzeentch was seeing a Wip pic of an Ian Miller inspired fish creature by Neil Reed on the now defunct Opus Maius blog, however you can see it on his Instagram (! That was when I knew I had to build Fish Knights of Tzeentch!

I’m not a huge fan of coming up with backstories for my minis because, honestly, I don’t read anyone elses backstories, so why should I come up with stuff that no one is going to read anyway? I just wanna build cool minis, maybe give them a name if I have to, but that’s about it. I don’t want to wax poetically about my daemon prince. To me, it’s just a cool mini. A mini is successful if you get what it is without having to explain it.

When I build a miniature, most of the time I am inspired by a particular piece of artwork, I try to capture the look and feel of the piece or using it as a springboard for something more unique.
Posing a miniature is among the most important parts of a model in my opinion. A cool pose makes or breaks the mini for me, I love the oldhammer minis for that very reason, they are often understated and on the relaxed end of the spectrum. I generally prefer calm or striding poses that show character, rather than action filled, mid swing ones. It leaves room for me to imagine what that mighty swing would look like, it always looks cooler in my head.
The artwork is what inspires me the most. For this particular project, I had a lot of fun rolling on the mutations table in the Realm of Chaos books.
I also looked a lot at historical art pieces as well, such as Dulle Griet (Dull Gret) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder and The Temptation of St Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch. They are filled to the brim with horrifically inspiring imagery!

Since that game we had in Stockholm in 2016 I have continued to add to my army. I’ve added a giant, a Mutalith Vortex beast and two Daemon Princes. I’m working on a unit of Chaos Warriors and some more mutant thugs as well as a couple more fish knights. I have plans to participate in Armies on parade in Oslo this fall and I want to expand my army till then. I also need to build a display board, I’m very inexperienced when it comes to building terrain. We’ll see how it goes, I’m thinking of building a nightmarish tower of some sort.

You can see more of Erik’s amazing miniatures over at Instagram

Kithelon of the Aether, Chaos Lord


Chaos Sorcerer


Knights of Chaos


Chaos Thugs


Chaos Trolls


Chaos Spawns


Chaos Tainted Gargant


Mutalith Vortex Beast


Aeknir, Master of Confusion, Daemon Prince of Tzeentch


Daemon Prince of Tzeentch


Knights work in progress


Chaos Cultists work in progress


Chaos Warriors work in progress

– Alexander Winberg / Erik Blomqvist –

3 thoughts on “Echoes presents: Erik “Nordic” Blomqvist

  1. Beautiful work, Erik! You minis certainly tell their own stories, that’s for sure. (The kind of stories that would make your brains run out your ears.) They’re all gorgeous, but that Vortex Beast is truly Boschean, if that’s a word.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great read! And a SPLENDID job on all the miniatures, painting and converting, always amazing me with your stuff as usual Erik.
    Your Chaos Warriors sure gave me a bit of more inspiration on my Chaos Warband, and by the looks of it I think it might even evolve into a Path to Glory warband shuld Jezekiel find an adversary to stand up against in my area.
    Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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