Colossi of Rhossum Secundus – work continues

Only two months till it’s time for the game. I haven’t been too productive so far. My crew is still only halfway done and my colossus also need a lot of work. However I am not worried, yet. I just need to focus and get it done.

Soria Moria is, like most colossi, an ancient piece of half rusted and decrepit technology. The crew have patched her up and rewired her so many times over the last millennia that it is only by the Omnissiah’s grace that she still functions.

Her crew is compromised of different castes, broadly divided into the workers and the warriors. The lord and his coterie sits above them all and rule with absolute power. Even rumors of mutiny are punished with keelhauling.


2018-04-01 02.55.41 1.jpg
the Captain


2018-04-01 02.55.39 2.jpg
Master of Misfortune, commissioned provost


2018-04-01 02.55.40 2.jpg
Lieutenant, leader of boarding parties


2018-04-01 02.55.40 1.jpg
Scalawags, they attack and board enemy colossi


2018-04-01 02.55.39 1.jpg
picaroons, they maintain Soria Moria


-Alexander Winberg-

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