Nestorian Infestation – a collaboration

For over a year now Rebecca, Helge and Tommy have been planning, building and playing games centered around a genestealer cult and it’s slow raise to power.

It is a classic and fascinating project and fortunately they have been kind enough to let me join in. Since that unholy Norwegian trinity already has the cultist locked down I will focus on the antagonists. The cold, black garbed executioners from the Heavens. The Deathwatch.

Kill Team Torion is the first group. A five man squad serving under veteran sergeant Torion of the Blood Angels. Under his command is also a member of the Silver Skulls and his cousin from the Flesh Tearers. Torion hopes to be able to channel the rage inside his cousin in a productive manner. Finally a member of the noble Ultramarines serve as the team’s outrider, equipped with Reiver armour.

Working with the Primaris style space marines have been a lot of fun. They are perfectly scaled and a lot of parts from the old smallscale kits can be combind with the Primaris. I hope I will be able to write more on this subject at somepoint.

-Alexander Winberg-

9 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation – a collaboration

  1. Quite a nice looking group! It is great to see more people getting involved in the project. With all the cult members, those Deathwatch are going to have their work cut out for them!

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    1. It’s a bit cold so I’m not sure when I can undercoat them. I would rather paint them before moving on to the next part.

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