Tor Megiddo – the Tor

Dominating the Tor Megiddo wastes with an awesome presence the Tor was unstoppable. A walking terrain piece to be correct.

Now I wanted to build something grand and lumbering for this game. I had done that before for the Outgard game, a floating island. But this time I wanted something more mechanical but still big and difficult to transport..

I had earlier made sketches on a walking cathedral, or small shanty town. Destined to roam a wasteland in search of supplies and controlled by an unknown person/force. However it did not really fit with the theme for Tor Megiddo and to be fair a walking shanty town would have been too big!

So the first clue of what I wanted to create was in the name of the setting, Tor Megiddo. I reckoned that because of the scarcity of promethium and the nomadic tribes inhabiting this world the rigs themselves would have to move. And the word Tor is a bastardisation of the word Tower so I went with it. The Tors of Megiddo are ancient tech marvels, forever walking with thunderous steps on the ashen plains. Some are controlled by the tribes or warbands others still retain a simple machine code that may be corrupt and they walk free. all of them are venerated or feared by the populace.

I started working on my Tor with the bits I had available, parts of a GW knights kit, sector mechanicus, plasticard and an electric appliance thing. I basically started by putting the legs, which I cut apart to get the angles I wanted, on the electric appliance thing. I added a platform and the started dry fitting whatever I could.

My main concern at this moment was to make it into a playable model. I wanted it to be simple to place minis on it and not to make it too cluttered. I also wanted to add an element of it being used as a place to live and added a container for that reason.

I didnt want the Tor itself to be armed like a huge walking military piece, but in the end I added a heavy stubber to the front castle (the head) because I still wanted a way for it to defend itself.

One thing that I know bothers some people and honestly have made me a bit nervous at times was my descicion to build the Tor at an angle, like it is walking and rocking from side to side. Standing on a Tor would be like walking on a ship out at sea in my mind. Still I think I made it work and most places where I can put minis have little edges and texture to make them safer to place. And if they fall, well it would be like in Gorkamorka, they would have to roll for injuries..

Painting the Tor was fast and furious. I used lots of baking powder and sand for texture and added crackle paint as well, oh and loads of weathering powders! I wanted it to be a rusty, dirty hulk of a machine. I was not too concerned with details on it as it is essentially just a piece of terrain, but I am fairly happy with it. However I might get back to it for a repaint in the future to make it fit colorwise for my own terrain.



I hope you like it and I hope to see more walking/floating/flying behemoths and moving terrain from the wider community in the future. They are fun builds! Now I just need something for Rhossum Secundus…..

/Alexander Lunde “Hrosshvalur”

12 thoughts on “Tor Megiddo – the Tor

  1. The Tor is an incredible piece. It worked so well on the table and provided a lot of fun action.

    This should help me with my own walker for Rhossum Secundus…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was great. Although it didnt stomp anyone.. but it was great to see it crash into the promethium plant and just before explosion lumber away again. Great for further storytelling that.
      I hope it does help you. I am looking forward to see what you come up with 😀


  2. It’s funny that you say people were upset by the angle! I think my only worry about it is the small size of the base – it looks a bit unstable. I guess it is one of the biggest GW bases available though, so you have to work with what you can get!

    It’s a brilliant build and one of my highlights of Tor megiddo!


    1. Well yes, the base is rather small. But i weighed it down with lots of coins so it is quite stable. I had a bigger base but the floating island of Outgard took it!

      And thank you so much 😀


  3. Wonderful to see more about this excellent creation! Definitely inspiring to say the least, now I just want to build giant moveable terrain features. I think the angle definitely adds to the perception of lumbering movement!


    1. Why thank you! It was about time I wrote about the making of the Tor. I hope you make your own. I would love to see it!


    1. Thanks! Well I have lots to learn from others but hopefully Tor can inspire more cool stuff from others. Something like Blanche’s walker and others..looking at you rust men!

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