AoS28 – The Cardinal Church

When High Lord Sigmar was cast down from the great Heavens we fell with Him. It was the longest fall, we burned like suns, yet we were tiny candles next to the roaring furnace of our God.

For endless nights we fell until we struck into the foul earth of enigmatic Ulgu. In that frightful waste we raised our house of worship. The chapels and minarets were built upon the bones of our Lord and His flesh nourished us. Dregs and vermin brought their cadavers to us and we blessed and awoke the remnants. The dead was sent into the Silent Halls to wage war upon the usurper.

Thus we waited, in silence and in contemplation. The Heavenly gates remained barred and the longing tore at our souls. But in suffering there is purity and we endured.

However, bodies that remain still for too long is sure to attract rot.

The Cardinal Church is my second warband for AoS28. They are enemies of the Black Sun for the touch of Tchar is upon them. However they see themselves as pure and faithful servants of Sigmar. Their current tribulation is but a trial of their faith and they will not be found lacking. When Sigmar wakes from his deathlike slumber they will stand ready at his left side.

The Hierarchs of the Cardinal Church

2017-11-28 09.38.28 1.jpg

2017-11-28 09.38.29 3.jpg

2017-11-28 09.38.29 1.jpg

2017-11-28 09.38.29 2.jpg

-Alexander Winberg-

4 thoughts on “AoS28 – The Cardinal Church

  1. I love this group of models! Although rather simple conversions, they really capture the imagination and standout as unique characters. I love the background for them, that they are still faithful to Sigmar despite their rotting frames. It is also quite cool that they are enemies of Black Sun!


    1. Thank you Eric. They are indeed super simple conversions, that was part of the fun. Almost like doing a standard unit, the horror!


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