AoS28 – the Black Sun Compact

For in the beginning they were two, light and dark embracing each other. Two fathers without children. And the lands were without change, an aeon of silence.

– 10th stanza of the Scroll of Deep Water

On the first day Nahash formed the mud into shapes. But when his darkness faded before the dawn the mud dried and crumbled.

On the second day Nahash added embers to the mud. But the mud burned coldly and the shapes withered in torment.

On the third day Nahash shaped the mud and Sigmaril breathed lightning into the forms. Thus the first children were born and the two fathers rejoiced.

– 56th stanza of the Scroll of Deep Water

Light and dark no longer embrace and the realms are torn apart by strife. Nahash dwells in the lands of Shyis, alone and betrayed and Sigmaril broods upon his throne in Azyr. Their children weep and war among themselves. Oggorh-tai slaughter Ælvendir, Duaradin hunts humanity and the Troggoth-tai dwindle in numbers. The first-born children turn their faces away in shame and despondency. This is an era of sorrow, an age of ash, the hollow times have come.

– The Song of Forlorn Hope

I have decided to make a warband for AoS28. For those not familiar with the term AoS28 is a mix up of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and the inq28 movement. The term was coined by Jake over on Ex Profundis. I recommend you check out his page, it is full of interesting stuff and features such talented hobbyists as Isaac and Rob. AoS28 focus is on small warbands, usually between 1 and 12 miniatures. While you can obviously build what ever you feel like I want to explore the less seen or frankly unseen parts of the Mortal Realms.

My first warband is the Black Sun Compact. They are a group of champions that have pledged allegiance to the Black Sun and sworn to follow its command to fight the Raven God. For millennia warriors of all races have been called by the Black Sun to stand firm against the Lord of Lies. Where ever Tsien-Tsin spins His webs and His apostles wage war the Black Sun Compact march. They are seldom welcomed for many kingdoms have been laid to waste by their actions. But the adherents of the Black Sun do not worry about such petty concerns, for they are chosen and they will come when summoned. Not even the grave can bar them for they are the salvation of the Mortal Realms.

Due to the oath they take no other god can claim their souls for long. When they die they sink beneath the waves into the deep abyss. Finally finding rest at the bottom of the worlds, where even the water fades away. They sleep in the silence, the silence that dragons go to die in. In the dark they rest until the champions are called to raise again.

The warband will include a few undead ashen warriors, two cinder ælves and a renegade stormcast eternal. I might add a few more creatures later on.

2017-11-06 09.27.30 1.jpg
Ashen warriors, their kin went extinct during the Age of Chaos
2017-11-06 09.27.29 1.jpg
The Black Sun appears on the armour and armaments of its followers

– Alexander Winberg –

5 thoughts on “AoS28 – the Black Sun Compact

  1. You have some really evocative writing here! Are all the names ones that you created, or stuff from existing Age of Sigmar lore (Nahash, Sigmaril, Oggorh-tai)? I am, admittedly, not overly familiar with Age of Sigmar lore.The ashen warriors look suitably decrepit.


    1. Thanks Greg! I’m pretty sure nothing I wrote is so called normal lore. I wanted my background to feel more in game and less like the word of the designer. So the Scroll of Deep Water is riddled with errors or apochrypal evangelium. But that is what the adherents of the faith believe. To them the world was created by the two fathers and from their love the races of the world sprang forth. They have no way of knowing about the true scope of the realms.


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