Tor Megiddo – the Final

The War around the Promethean Tower intesifies as the beasts of the land joins into the fray. Predators and prey, all must fall and death will be the final conqueror, the enemy that shall never be defeated.

Feeding frenzy drives the great beasts, the Firecracker grinds to a halt among the cannonballs
Betrayal most foul! Zogg turns on the 66 Fangs, first to die is Iron Moon.


In Hell Gulch the melee between the plagueborgs and inhabitants continue as new factions pour in


The Lord of Lead protects his sacred abode from intruders, his guard closing in on the invaders
Mother defends her newborn child from the man beast, unseen the Scrap Queen draws her blades, she hungers for death.
Bikes, cars and stranger contraptions
The Rust Men walks into the Valley of Defilament. For an aeon they were but a myth, a legend of Old Tor Megiddo



Traitor and loyalist. He fights for his hunger, she fights for her life.
Both Black Acid and Iron Moon falls beneath Zoggs foul blades. Scars shots the traitor but the mighty warlords shrugs of the wounds
Thirteen and Steel Tomahawk boards the Tor, to capture such a machine will bring untold rewards upon Death Valley
Awoken by the smell of fresh blood an Abalone Mutant scuttles into Hell Gulch
Unaware of Zogg’s betrayal, Blue Ruin battles the Lost Boys as mother makes her escape
A bizarre screamer wreaks havoc upon the rival warbands
The fight intensifies and chaos rules the field, strategies and alliances are abandoned as a feel the blood lust overtake them


The Lord of Lead falls to the new Trans-Human barbarians. His guards roar in anger and lets loose with all they have


Strange friends on a strange world, Vell and Segemose arrives late. Instead of facing their prey and his bodyguards they now have a veritable battlefield to cross.


Thirteen takes control of the Tor. As a child she was enslaved in such a monster and now she rides the god-thing.
But there are all kinds of stowaways with her
The plagueborgs capture the Landship and devour the captain. Turning it upon it’s former friends.


The mutant outriders entered the battle late, hoping to be free to pick over the spoils. However luck was not with them.


The Old Man in his automatic wheelchair bravely challenge the Rust Man


Like a horrendous arachnid the Scrap Queen scales the Promethean Tower
As a roaring explosion destroys the Promethean Tower Thirteen struggles to move the Tor far away from the horrendous calamity. She is unaware that a toxic malady has hidden himself aboard the machine.
The immense complex is destroyed by fire. The abattoirs will forever remain sealed far beneath the earth. Greed drove the tribes to war and greed has undone them.
In the end a frenzied Blue Ruin charges at Zogg. His betrayal has stunned her and she will have his head.
Truly an ill omen, deaths uncounted, the Bird brings devastation in its wake.

And so we are undone. We planned, we prepared, we entered the killing field. We fought, we bleed, we died. All for nothing, all for a dream that was but an empty mirage. Devastation was our reward, death was our reward. Now nothing remains and we fall back, to plan, to scheme, to rebuild our strength.

We will return.

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