The Vortrekkers of Tor Megiddo

So it is finally time for me to add content to this blog. And what better way to do it than telling the story of my war band and how they fared on the dusty blood stained wastes of Tor Megiddo…

The beginning.

Through the sepia colored world his glarehelm painted for him, Omic smiled slightly. Finally they had found what they were looking for. A colossus, the Tor. Bringing back a price like that to the Rust Lord would enhance his wealth and influence immensely.

In his glarehelm, packed with sensitive augur antennaes and metal fetishes he could hear the heavy thread of the Tor.

The wasteland guide he had hired had proven worthy after all. Maybe it was her strange little feral cyberpet that she had told them brought her luck, maybe it was actually skill. Either way she had led them here, to the promethium towers and rusted machinery and to the wayward Tor.

Omic sent a harsh signal to the flesh dervish they had acquired from the mutant oilclan in the slave districts of the Barreltown.

Looking around him he saw his men preparing for the hunt to come. Silent Cwm hefted his welding lance, Iron legged and fierce Yibal revved up his Megiddo pattern chainsaw, Burgan stared down his scope on the gigantic kinetic rifle he held rock steady with his bionic arm. And finally there was Kluntz the old, carrier of the seismic totem and scrap servitor handler, trying to catch up.

In front of the group their Rust beetle swayed slowly as it marched ever on spuming smoke and clicking the grabber claw slowly. The right arm fitted with burn pike glowed dully.

But suddenly Omics smiled waned..
Dust clouds and explosions erupted from all directions. He could see dirty, filthy mutants and renegades from the wastes gathering for a huge fight. Warbands of every stripe seemed to be there.

The war in the sun was about to begin..


-Alexander Lunde-

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