Tor Megiddo – The hunt begins

Early stages and the red storm arising

Omic led his warriors through a narrow and shallow gully close to the promethium tower that towered above them. It seemed like all the other filthy gangs of mutants, renegades and others all headed there.

Never had he seen such force out in the wastes. truly something special was happening..

To his right, behind the shanty buildings smelly heavily armed cultists advanced. In from of him there was an area that he had a bad feeling about. something was stirring there. But the Tor advanced hungrily straight for the large tower. Infamous for their mighty thirst Tors ever wandered in hunt for oil.


Omic ordered his group to advance forward to cut off the path of the Tor and attempt to board and overtake it.

Alas that was not to be. Screaming in their high pitched voices and with thundering hooves a group of mounted scrap mutants advanced to their left. Omic reacted immediately and sent his old trusted warrior, too slow for a fight anyways, to a nearby scrap fortress.

-Take the cannon and give covering fire, eradicate them.

Sending the crazed flesh dervish with him he readied himself for the fight to begin.

The rust beetle carrying Burgan and his large kinetic rifle stomped forward trying to find a position where he could lay down covering fire. By now the whole area was alive with warriors fighting, revving vehicles and large cannonballs raining down from the sky.

The scrap mutants attacked and the wasteland guide took a hit. Her shoulder bleeding she strove on towards the tower. Recognizing her intent Omic followed. The promethium tower would indeed be the best place from where to board the Tor.

Trading fire with the scrap mutants his group managed to fell one. Meanwhile Kluntz and the flesh dervish slayed the poor inhabitants of the scrap fortress. Fighting to gain control of the large cannon, Kluntz finally got it to work and fired at the smelly mutants in the shanty town, felling one.


The Tor wandered out into the area that Omic had seen movement before. Now he understood why… Gigantic half metal worms surfaced and charged in to nearby warriors, caring not who they attacked. One charged, bile fuming around his round teethed mouth into the rust beetle.


However the old steel of the vehicle stood firm and using the grabber claw it ripped a large dusty chunk of the worm.

Omic and his warriors and by now reached the ladders to the tower and two warriors climbed up while the rest continued their battle with the fast scrap mutants that where screaming and hollering.

Things were about to get dirty..

Mayhem reaches the tower

While Omic struggled together with Yibal against the burly leader of the scrap mutants. One of his warriors including the guide had climbed up the tower chased by three mutants.

The rust beetle had finally killed a worm and thundered towards the Tor, that by now, was close to stray into the tower. Burgan hefted his powerful kinetic rifle onto his back and readied himself to board the ancient Tor.

Up on the platform of the tower Omics warriors got unsuspected help from a techno barbarian who recognizing a shared enemy in the scrap mutants. Hefting his welding lance and charging the mutants Cwm fought for his life. The guide died of a shot to her head.

By now the sun burnt sands of Toe Megiddo was stained by blood. Fighting surrounded them on all sides. Mechanical screams pierced the sky as the infamous scrap queen attacked the barbarians, who in turn fought the mighty Lord of the promethium tower. The worms continued their attacks on war bands crossing their path. Suddenly the Tor smashed with a grinding noise into the tower, shaking it.


Sensing a scream emitting from above Omic saw the rust beetle coming to a standstill. Frozen with fright from an unamable source the vehicle stopped dead in its tracks.

Shooting with great accuracy Omic finally killed the leader of the scrap mutants and continued to rain fire towards his henchmen.

On the tower Cwm lost the wrestling match against the fierce mutants and fell o his doom onto the red sands. At the same time Kluntz received a shot to his head that a foul mutant fired straight through is glarehelm in a cowardly manner.

At last the rust beetle shook the fear off and continued towards the Tor, Burgan jumped boarded the Tor and made his way to the top.

Omic sensed the time running out and took Yibal with him up on to the tower to fight their way to the Tor. Soon he would control the mighty ancient vehicle. He would tame it and bring it back to The Rust Lord.

A twitching tech totem tugged him around at the last second however and he saw the scrap fortress cannon pointed straight at them.

– Oh SH..

The world turned into flames and thunder. He sensed that he flew through the air before the hard ground welcomed him in a red and painful embrace…


— Alexander Lunde —

7 thoughts on “Tor Megiddo – The hunt begins

  1. Fantastic photos. The colours of the board. The contrasting black and dust of the prometheum tower. The worms must have been such fun to build and then surprise people with.


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  3. Hi! Quick question that’s entirely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?
    My site looks weird when browsing from my iphone 4. I’m trying to find a theme
    or plugin that might be able to resolve this problem.
    If you have any suggestions, please share. Thanks!


    1. Hi Greg, I’m not sure what the issue is since the site looks perfectly okay on my android. I hope you find a solution.


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