Codex Tor Megiddo

Here is the Codex Tor Megiddo we used for the Tor Megiddo game, just in case someone might read this that is not on Facebook. Actually I have already seen a copy on Scribd so it seems it gets around.

The codex was meant as a quick reference sheet for some rules and guidelines. I did not want to make an overtly long document that might end up being more of a hindrance than helpful. It was not meant to be shared with the public, only a simple Word document to help the players. But that was not to last, a lot of people kept asking us for the rules and how we game. For me rules always comes last, however I had this document so I shared it on Facebook. James Sherriff then got in touch and kindly offered to edit the document for a better visual experience. In the end the codex turned out really great. Ana from Gardens of Hecate even printed a copy and gave it some appropriate wear and tear.



Photos by Ana Polanšćak

Looks great and helps set the mood for the game.

-Alexander Winberg-



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