Tor Megiddo – Thirteen, daughter of Misery

Bad luck wind been blowin’ at my back
I was born to bring trouble to wherever I’m at
Got the number thirteen tattooed on my neck
When the ink starts to itch 
Then the black will turn to red

I was born in the Tor of misery
Never had me a name
They just gave me the number 
When I was young

Got a long line of heartache, I carry it well
The list of lives I’ve broken reach from here to hell
Bad luck wind been blowin’ at my back
I pray you don’t look at me 
I pray I don’t look back


Thirteen is a member of the 66 Fangs. She is also a member of the elite warrior lodge, the Kong. Her nature is very gloomy and she believes she is doomed, this has to do with her childhood in Tor Misery. The Tor she grew up in is a humongous walking castle, but it’s ancient techno-lord is insane and driven to walk across the most hazardous lands on Tor Megiddo. Her role in the warband will be to provide heavy support as needed, she wields a heavy stubber and it should come in handy to deal with any large threats.

She is based on Slambo the Chaos Warrior. The miniature had some really strange proportions so I had to do some small corrections to it. No major changes, but I hope it makes her look like a seasoned techno-barbarian. She has a very dark paint job with a limited palette. But I hope this helps bring across her dark and pessimistic nature.

-Alexander Winberg-

6 thoughts on “Tor Megiddo – Thirteen, daughter of Misery

  1. Another great model! Much more interesting than the base Slambo. She looks tough as nails 😀

    I really like the little poem too. It is small, but it adds just enough to create a character in the reader’s mind.


    1. Thank you, the poem is said to have been writen by a misfit from the Danzig clan of ancient Terra. Famously perfoermed by the Terran troubadour J.Money.


  2. I like what you did with the poem, a small and suitable modification! It really fits the model well and adds to the doom and gloom.

    I love what you have done with the model. I love her face and the under-slung rebreather. I prefer her to Slambo. (:


    1. Thanks, she turned out quite nice. I didn’t really do anything about her slightly awkward pose, but the chained plates will hopefully conceal it.


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