Tor Megiddo – Zogg, flesh baron

Zogg the guide, the betrayer, the lord of flesh and master of butchers. He is a shell within a shell. Personalities and identities atop each other. To hide the truth, his monstrous self. With the cunning of an abalone his tricked his way into the inner circles of Death Valley. Lies, seduction, bribery, murder. The tools of the traitor. 

And now his work is about to be rewarded. For Blue Ruin herself has decided to take him with her on the raid on the Promethean Tower. This has been his singular goal for the last three years. To return to the Promethean Tower, his true home. For he might have claimed to be a low ranking flesh baron. But behind the falsehood and lies stands a stark fact. That he is the Lord of Flesh, father of Flesh Barons.

When he has reclaimed his home, when the enemy lies dead, he will call the exiles home. The abattoirs will reopen, the great pits will be filled with fresh flesh, Death Valley shall fall, the land shall once again tremble and on that glorious day he will feast upon Blue Ruin.


Zogg is a member of my warband for Tor Megiddo, the 66 Fangs. He is a guide that has promised to show the way into the Promethean Tower and the seas of promethium it is said to hold. But it is all lies and he seeks to betray them. In game terms this means that he must pass a Leadership test each turn or control of him will revert to the next player. It should prove interesting to say the least.

-Alexander Winberg-

3 thoughts on “Tor Megiddo – Zogg, flesh baron

  1. This is quite a cool model, but I am most excited about his backstory and the possibilities it opens up for the game. Building personalities and motivations into each character for an event is one of my favorite parts of such narrative gaming. Admittedly, I have not taken part in many such events, but in the Pilgrym our headless warrior was a sleeper agent from the Inquisition, infiltrating the Church of the Red Athenaeum for his own ends. Coming up with all the reasons for the characters existing was really fun. Glad to see you are doing the same!


    1. Thank you, adding possibilities for intrigue and chaos is always fun. It also helps weaken my warband, it is a bit on tje stronger side. Kristian is exploring a similar theme over on Secrets of the Void. It will be fun to see some of the plots and backstabbing.

      However the photos are a bit bad and I need to change them.


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